Monday, 4 December 2017

Full Moon & Fascination

Full moon has always fascinated me since I was a little girl. Even today, I couldn't recall what was it that draws me towards it, but, the full moon definitely grabbed my attention like no other. 

Earlier, there was no tradition of living in closed houses like Apartments these days. I used to live in an open house that had proper ventilation and good light. It was not less than a bungalow. It was a three-storied house and air conditioners were not so prominent yet. (Thank God!). I along with my other family members, used to sleep at the rooftop (guess it was common then). The cool breeze at night used to give us a respite from the scorching sun during the day. 

As a child, I used to by all by myself and wasn't close enough even with my sister then. You can say I was a LONER who enjoyed her own company (....and this is true till date, it's just that the former relationship with my sister had grown and bonded well eventually). So I used to stargaze and slowly doze off to deep slumber after watching the wide open sky. 

Travelling to Nanaji's house was mandatory in summer vacations and that used to bring delight since that was the only long distance travel that I used to do then. We had to cover the distance via train. So whenever we used to travel, I always preferred the window seat. I love watching how moon travels with me as the rail snakes down the tracks, so does the moon.... (Oh! What a feeling that used to be)..

As I grew older and older, I didn't realize when did that stargazing turned into an addiction. A wise man once said, "The night is for the dreamers, lovers, and writers". And I just couldn't agree more with this anonymous person. 

I had seen several full moons, but never saw the sheen that it had last night. To capture this in one word, I would say it to be SURREAL. This moon in the midst of the clouds and hiding behind the branch of the overarching tree is just to die for. And with Sachin by my side, it was a scene to reminisce. (He somehow don't get it why I get so excited about sunrises, sunsets, and full moons :P)

I read that it was the closest to earth (perigee) last night and the next supermoon can be witnessed on January 1, 2018 (that's not afar). So those of you have missed this beauty, keep the tab on the coming full moon night to witness and appreciate the moon's beauty that'll shine with all his might. 

This supermoon has swayed and slayed me a thousand times over...

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Jobs Fill Pockets! Adventures Complete SOUL!

It's been a long long time and I haven't written anything. Several months have passed since my last blog and here I am finally, today, to lend words to my thoughts.

Since I've been longing to go on a long vacay and pursue activities that get my heart racing I thought to reminisce my ADVENTURES IN GOA. Here, I'll particularly mention about the 2nd day of my 5-day tour.

So the experience that I am about to narrate began with an impromptu plan. Sachin and I just had lunch at the Chinese Corner (as we were fed up with the seafood smell and we found this something basic and him being the Chinese cuisine fan, so....) and were basking in the sunshine at the Calangute Beach. I saw people doing all sorts of water sports activities.

On observing my intentions, Sachin sensed what I was looking at and he gauged that I was dying to do that parasailing with a dip in the Arabian Sea. (Oh! He's too good in this art of reading my mind). He right away asked, "Karni hai ye activities?" (You want to do these activities). I nodded in excitement and there he was searching for a fine and reliable service provider online. Well, soon we found one - ATLANTIS WATERSPORTS. Without losing a second, Sachin spoke to the concerned person and booked the tour for me.

In 10 minutes, a guy named Venky met us and in another 15 minutes, our activities started. Well, I went with the family of 5 (2 couples and a mother). They first drove us all the 6 members on a speedboat and then boarded us in another ship which was docked at somewhere in the middle of the Arabian Sea. Oh, those calm waters!

After riding for a while on that bigger boat, the guy started the parasailing. He sent me amongst the ladies first as I wore up the college days' mask upon my sleeve (I used to be the first one then whenever it came to doing something adventurous). Oh, that was one heaven of an experience. I can still feel those vibrations that my heart went to as I was going up and up and up in the air and setting my body free..... I wouldn't say that I wasn't nervous, but after a while, everything gets calmed. Just a cool breeze passes through your body and your body relax. After gradually sinking me down, he dipped my body thrice or 4 times in the gushing waters of the gigantic sea. Oh, my heart sank for a second, but good heavens! What kind of an experience was that! Outstanding!

Then all the members of the ship did that activity. Suddenly, I got to see the Life of Pi moment. There were birds and fish moving hither and thither all around over the water body. Oh! It was not in such huge numbers, but we saw them moving this and that side. That scene made my day complete! I felt it unreal and my eyes just couldn't believe it, but they had too.

Source: Life of Pi 

Finally, we came back ashore and the sun was in a hurry to settle down and I was still left with 3 major rides viz. bumper ride, jet ski, and the banana ride. So they started arranging it in a jiffy. Since they had collected money from us, they needed to complete somehow before the sun sets as the tidal waves will have no mercy on us post that. 

So, I did bumper ride and it wasn't much fun, but okay, I had an experience at least. 

Then came the jet ski where I rode the scooter myself :P (though the instructor was behind, I had the controls). That was one Dil Chahata Hai moment. The gushing waves were coming over and I rode quite bumpy. This was more of a bumpy ride rather than I had on that Bumper ride. 

Then the last one was the Banana ride. The sun almost came to the horizon and was about to settle down and it was becoming difficult to manage the gushing high tidal waves. While he tried to make us sit on that banana boat, we fell thrice near the shore and things were becoming difficult. But, on one fine moment, we did manage to set into the middle of the deep blue ocean and fell there itself upon our return. Well, I had experienced before when I did the River Rafting in Rishikesh, so I had an idea how to go about things and these waters were still calmer than the roaring Ganges. Each one of us successfully came to the shore and started discussing what just happened. That was hilarious! 

Upon return, Venky, the coordinator informed, how worried Sachin was as soon as the boat turned upside down in the midst. He ended by saying, "Your man is truly a gem". I replied, "I KNOW!" 

Happy US! 

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Purani Jeans!!

As I was going to bid Adieu to Sachin, I crossed my college, Satya Niketan, Dhaula Kuan, and Gurgaon. And in that flicker of the moment, the radio started playing YJHD and RDB songs.. Oh Gawd! a teary eyed me was becoming inconsolable. I told him about our UNO sessions at Taj CcD, paranthas at Tankush , and a gang that was 'once' simply amazing. Everyone has moved on in life but yesterday that gang remained at the college Gate and I was again 10 years behind..

On my way back, I passed by CP, memories came flashing by.... After all, 6 long years have been spent here.. All the Things that I have done were coming across like a Cool breeze..
Time and again, stills of happy times reverberated like an echo.

Long walks to Bengali Market or Mandi House or India Gate from MMB, unlimited coffee sessions, DTC buses particularly RL-77 and 729 and our journey from Dhaula kuan to The Park, Street shopping at Janpath, dosa point at jantar mantar, bangla sahib, ymca, National Museum, the treasure trove of India, central Park in the evening, American Library, Rau's IAS Study Circle, Barakhamba and Rajiv Chowk Metro Station, favorite hangout joints, and endless photographs.

Sometimes a simple journey can take you down the memory lane as if you are actually there reliving each moment. All the times and places that I once used to frequent with my friends were there in front of my eyes and I just want to hold on to that time, place, and that FEELING... 😍😍😍

Goodbye Delhi.. Until next time... Don't know when we'll meet next?!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The Cat Fights

As I peeped out of my balcony today, I saw two girls playing badminton.
They reminded me of my teenage days when I used to play the game with my sister
It was soo funny the way we used to end the game abruptly for not picking up the shuttlecock (Am I serious? Yes! It used to be a fact then :P
How we had a knack for deciding and fighting over identifying the "palas", where the cock fell. And the subtle game of racquet soon turns into arguments and counter-arguments...
Gawd I miss that phase! I miss playing that game with you Kanika Mittal
I wish I could capture that moment to relive it again. But, mobile phones and digital cameras were not in vogue (Thank God! Else, we wouldn't have cherished the memories of that game today)
Hopefully, that time will come soon when we both will have racquet in our hands and this time, without fighting for picking up the shuttlecock :P :P
Feeling nostalgic... Missing You!

When You Crave for the Good Ol' Sibling Love!!

A year is about to come to an end since I departed miles away from my family. In these 340 days, I had missed my home city only twice. One for the first time as I was leaving to start the new journey with my husband and the second time, it was about last night.

The pain of separation from your family especially sibling grips you completely. How soon time flies, I realized just a day back. 25 years have passed since we know each other. From being biggest enemies to best buddies, our relationship has grown tremendously and has seen quite ups and downs. There used to be a time when incessant cat fights and those back-biting to mom gave us the ultimate solace. Staying away from each other was the only means which gave us sheer delight then. But it was way-way back.
Then came a time when the sibling enmity soon turned to love and none of us really realized when and how did it happen. And even after marriage we still fight. YES! those same old cat fights. But the nature of the cat fights has changed to being more concerned and considerate.
This Diwali after so many years we finally got time to ourselves - just the two of us were there. Roaming on the streets, for getting what we most loved to do - shop. No husbands, no kids just the two of us. That was liberating and she again pampered me with things like clothes, street food and her love and attention. This time, I was so touched. Each time she did these things for me but I don't know what difference it made this time. I don't know whether I was missing Mumma or if it was the fever that I had contracted and she prepared a freshly brewed coffee for me at 0200 AM. Or it was the silent promise to say I'll be with you forever no matter what. But whatever it was. The feeling is just unexplainable.
As I reached the railway station, a bucket full of tears started flowing from the eyes. A year back, my sister came to drop me and I was standing at the same spot. This time, I really didn't wish to leave Delhi despite so many shortcomings this city has. The travel instinct in me wished to stay here and here forever.
As I was leaving her, In the last 340 days, probably this was the longest and tightest hug that I gave her. I was crying for her company like a baby. I was missing her.. Missing my family. True, kids, husbands, work and other priorities have taken over, but some things I just wish and pray never change.
I love you to the core Kanika 😘😘😘

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

An Eye For My Love

New Year ringed in and I started with the second novel of the year (first being The Small House at Allington by Anthony Trollope) - An Eye for My Love by Vibhor Tikiya. 

The story starts with an intense sequence and moves on to the flashback to take you to the plush restaurants of Morocco, ancient Mummies of Egypt and exotic lanes of Paris where the protagonist Dhruv meets his lady love, Aisha. Being a travel aficionado, I liked how the author has described these countries. Rabat has an amazing feel to it. Roadside cafes and a number of Moroccan restaurants offering traditional Moroccan cuisine, it is home to the political who's who of the country and the city is full of political office........the primary language spoken was French....they hardly knew any English. 

The charm of Paris was in the smaller details: the quaint cobblestone streets, prettily trimmed trees, perfectly puffed pastries, dainty tea salons and much more.........The city was buzzing, roads were clean and the bars were full of merriment. 

The emotions of a father, of a mother and of a lover are lucidly described in this novel. The best part of the novel is the opening conversation with the protagonist's Mom (which is no more but still her teachings are still alive in his memory). Here, I would like to quote one of the paragraphs that really touched me emotionally. It goes on to say, "The favorite place in the world used to be my mother's lap. I would love lying in it and she would caress my hair. She would always tell me how good she wants my life to be. She was so full of life and hope. If I had to choose one place to go back to, I would go to her. I don't want to be anywhere else. I just want to lie in her lap once again. My mother was m life and she took away a huge part of me when she left this world."

This is basically the story of Love Found and Lost and the travails of how a vagabond, when fell in love, changed completely. References to Che Guevara, the Cuban revolutionary will not be understood by the reader initially, but as the story progresses, you will come to know why was it done at the first place. 

The story then talks about the evil and notorious men present in our society. The dastard act of rape has boggled many heads and this story will take you on one such roller coaster ride. 

Are you ready for it?   

Monday, 7 November 2016

A Tale Of A Journey BACK HOME!

Time and again, a pang of nostalgia come rushing in the temporal lobe of my brain and takes me back in those same old bylanes. The hard I try to move forward in this journey called LIFE, there is something that takes me back to my native place. 

Recently, I paid a brief visit to the place which was once MY HOME. Upon entering the main gate, a gamut of emotions ran through my veins which ripped me apart emotionally though I was physically STILL STRONG.

The sofa which once used to be my daytime bed on weekends while watching movies and soaps on television was delighted to see me. Although, he was shying away from me and covered itself beneath a veil of a soft sheet, but was curious to know how I was. On opening my personal drawer which nobody touched in the year gone by still had kept safe some of the most cherishable memories of the yesteryears even today.

As I proceeded forward, walking across the gallery, I first stepped into the kitchen -  a place which I used to despise the most then and even now. But that day,  a tear fell off from my eye. It wasn't like the last time I saw it when I departed my home to enter into a new one. But today, it was different.

Moving forward, I straight away reached to my room and man! That was a moment of outburst. There were so many things that I had created myself in this room and had pasted in on the walls,  doors  and other places. Moments of Kani n me fighting came back with a lightening speed. 

Sleeping next to her, hugging her tight after watching a horror movie was the first thing that the box of memory brought in. Seriously Kani, post your marriage, I have stopped watching horror movies.

The late night ballet dancing sessions and gossiping with Mannu Bhai and Prerna when they came over and Maggi with coffee at midnight were one of the few moments that came back to me rushing. But, ultimately, I was greeted by the empty walls that tell a story of how lonely they had been all this time. 

After a brief moment, I checked into Papa 's room and faint memories of Maa caressing me came in. Her image of sitting by the bedside and calling me was the first and last thing I would love to recall.

I miss her truly sometimes desperately. Sometimes,  I crave for a little hug or the famously known jaadu ki jhappi. The way she pampered both of us with care, I don't know but I cannot recall how it sounded when she called out my name "Mani". 

That time,  she was my best friend. She had known everything and anything all about my friends, studies, my life. Suddenly, things changed so quickly post May 2004 and we soon turned into adults. 

Almost a decade and a half I had spent at this place which I once used to call MY ROOM and in a moments time, you just have to leave everything and go away to make a new home... rainfall of salt water 

P.S. : Couldn't think of another ending!