Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Governance Style


Considerable amount of time has been spent since Modi took to Office. Observing his style of functioning made me think hard about the several commonalities that he shared with Sardarji so far as style of governance is concerned.

Although there are several, but to name a few -

1. Sardarji reposed full faith in his bureaucrats. Their decision was deemed as his decision. He gave them ample of free hand to manoeuvre as per ground realities. The bureaucrats took decision sometimes even without his consent. He was surrounded by some of the ablest bureaucrats India has ever known. Two of these prominent names include - Gopalaswamy Ayyengar and VK Krishna Menon.
This similarity could also be seen in Modi's style of functioning.

2. Sardarji was accessible to all. He asked his colleagues and others to directly come Upto him.

3. Sardarji was firmly against giving high positions to the family members or relatives. The main logic behind this was that a person should work without fear or favour.

4. Sardarji would meet all the ministers and department secretaries individually for ideas and feedback.

5. He asked his ministers to communicate with the public extensively and carefully keeping in mind the sensitivities of the topic while exchanging communication.

Speaking out your mind and criticising a person before taking up office is perfectly fine in a democracy. But now at least, we as responsible citizens of the country should give him the time that he has asked for to prove him at a national level.

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