Wednesday, 25 June 2014



Mysore, the eighth most frequented hill station in South India is approximately three hour - long drive from the capital city of Karnataka - Bangalore. As you drive along, the winding roads will take you through a collage of vibrant hues of greens, browns and oranges. As I asquint through the green fabric on the highway, coconut plantations merged with the larger forestscape.

The credit to build this royal city of Mysore goes to the Wodeyar dynasty. But later on the Wodeyars were dethroned by their own chief Haider Ali. History remembers Haider Ali and his son Tipu Sultan as great monarchs known for their valour who fought against the British.

The year 1799 was a major landmark in history as Tipu lost his life at the Battle of Srirangapattnam. I got the opportunity to unravel the spot of yesteryears where Tipu's body lay wounded. He became a victim to a conspiracy by his own army chief Mir Sadiq who opened the Secret / Water Gate. After his death, Wodeyars once again held the reins of Mysore.

The insightful visit was followed by a visit to the majestic palace of Wodeyar, formally known as Maharaja Laxmivilas Palace. Each part of the palace boasts of innate regality ranging from the Belgian glass chandeliers to intricately carved doors and ceilings. Even the staircase was bejewelled with ornate floral motifs. It was completely a fairytale to me. The most eye - catching aspect was their ROYAL EMBLEM. It was a perfect blend of animals signifying valour and beauty simultaneously.

By the time I had lunch it was late evening and I traversed along the snake-like road curling along to reach my next destination at Vrindavan Gardens. The weather by then became enormously pleasant. It was thundering and drizzling. The violet sky with a tinge of orange appealed my senses. I was awe-struck with the beauty of this region.

After a fun-frolic day, I retired at my room only to be up close and personal with NATURE.

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