Thursday, 24 July 2014

A highly Condemnable Move!!

This is in reference to the recent conduct by a "respected" MP who had 'forcefully' fed  a person who was  on fast.


As floated in the media, the issue here is - Are people in high position the 'real' decision-makers of what one's religious rights be?

The 'respected' Minister argues, "the food supplied to them on-board was not up to the mark".

It is my humble request to ask all the 11 concerned ministers that 'WE' as ordinary citizens who too travel by train and pay "full" compensation get to eat sub-standard quality food. A video was floated recently on the net which showed the stills of a cockroach in the rice bowl...

Owing to lack of power and position, we as the "Aam Junta" are helpless in this situation to raise a voice against any government official. Who will redress our grievances??

India is not a theocracy and it being a pluralistic land (and a SECULAR one), it is the task to be borne by each individual to protect each others' religious rights. Thus, it becomes imperative to respect a person's religious rights, no matter what may come!!

The political class supporting such a wanton act of ministers is highly condemnable and should  be looked at with all seriousness. It could be a severe blot on the Union government's functioning!
Several other nations have set their eyes on India to evaluate the conduct of the current government so far as MINORITIES are concerned.

Before it turns out to be an INTERNATIONAL DRAMA, concrete steps should be taken therein.

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