Monday, 7 July 2014

First Day @ ISHIR !!

" A leaf that is supposed to grow is full of wrinkles and creases before it develops;
if one doesn't have the patience and wants the leaf to be as smooth as a willow leaf from the star, then there is a problem"
                                                                                  Johann Wolfgagng von Goethe

This popular adage above from the German philosopher reminds me that there is no replacement to hard work. It is only the hard work that pays off in the end. 
July 7th, 2014 became a momentous day in my life's journey. A new chapter in my life was unfolded. It was filled with a little bit of anxiety along with a positive outlook for a new tomorrow.

I still remember my first day at Tangerine. I was flooded with memories in a flash of a second. It was 16th December 2013 then (coinciding with Bangladesh's Independence Day)*. As time passed by, Tangerine became my second home in the real sense. In such a short span of time, I was able to make some really good friends. Life was like a dream come true in the company of such friendly mates and one of the coolest project managers that I thought I could ever get.

But, it is TIME which has never stopped for anyone. Coming back to the reality of today, I was acquainted with a new set of environment and in the company of new colleagues. By the grace of God, the project manager here too is very cool. It is only a few weeks back that I was discussing something with my ex-Manager. I was very apprehensive about the attitude of the future one; my manager helped me in garnering strength and repose trust on that "UNKNOWN FIGURE". And my God! to my surprise, she was right!

Looking forward to start this adventurous journey with a positive outlook.

Rest everything left on the Almighty!

* PS: Being a History Student, I am helpless for stating or associating facts of which I am aware of.. I just cannot move forward without referring the Bangladesh's Independence Day..
Please spare me for that... LOL!!

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