Sunday, 27 July 2014

Is It Really A Zionist Massacre??

“An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind”
-           M.K.Gandhi

The violent images of blood stained bodies have sent chills to my spine. I was wondering once, whose fault was it by the way that led to such series of skirmishes and massacred bodies which has led to loss of lives and property. The entire infrastructure has come to a stand-still. 


The series of firing and backfiring was initiated with the alleged abduction and subsequent killing of three teenage Israelis. The Israelis alleged HAMAS, the politico-militant organization for the abduction and killing. Disapproving of their allegations, Hamas started bombing Israeli cities leading to violation of the ceasefire.
In retaliation, Israel launched an offensive as Operation Brother’s Keeper which culminated into massive manhunt o find the possible suspects for killing three Israelis as well as started firing back on the Gaza strip. While the real perpetrators of the violence are still roaming free, the civilian lives have taken a heavy toll. This retaliation was Operation Protective Edge. I support the retaliatory part as it was done to defend Israel and the unprovoked ceasefire violation was initiated by Hamas. It has still not stopped there. It is now sending “DONKEY BOMBS” to kill Israeli soldiers. 

As I am writing this, the two parties have agreed for a 12-hour ceasefire and a proposal to extend it to a day by Israel but rejected by Hamas. But in the midst of all this led me to think deeper as to why Israel got the moniker of pursuing a hawkish diplomacy. This forced me to flip through the pages of history.


There used to be a time when Jewish Diaspora was spread in entire world. They were one of the most prosperous communities. World War I of 1914 brought semantic changes in their lives. FASCISM reached its peak with the rise of Hitler in Germany, Mussolini in Italy and Hirohito in Japan. 

Hitler with his fierce speeches attracted huge crowds and he initiated an era for “purification” by segregating Jews with Germans. They were devoid of all important posts and were allowed to live in ghettos, separate settlement away from German areas. The discrimination reached its peak into the infamous episode of HOLOCAUST of 1942. All the Jews who were sick, old, women and children were brutally exterminated in the gas chambers. 

In the end days, USA somehow found out these chambers and showed solidarity towards Jewish survivors. Palestine then, was a British colony and it saw frequent riot-like situation between the native Arabs and the Jews. However, after much persuasion by the USA, Britain agreed to provide shelter to Jews. As Britain left Palestine, Israel proclaimed itself as a free country. This was on May 15, 1948 and it is remembered as NAKBA, the day of Catastrophe by Palestinians.

Facing such difficult and traumatizing situations at the hands of Hitler, Israelis vowed to never bow down ever in future. They are now credited to being the most powerful standing army fully equipped with state of the art artillery. The secret intelligence agency MOSSAD is one of its kinds. Remember the Munich Massacre of 1972. 

It is just my inquisitiveness to know that if you are well aware that your opponent is much stronger than you, why always you have to provoke him. First, equip yourself with requisite arsenal and then initiate a fight. Till then, why risk lives of others.

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