Wednesday, 23 July 2014

What Kind of A Devotion Is This ?

With No offense to the "REAL" Pilgrims!!!

Year after year Kavariyas hold large procession in this part of the city and that too on a grand scale. I dont have any qualms against those who do it in the right spririt. But I seriously do have my reservations against those who are nuisance to the general traffic.

I am writing this because I too suffered at the hands of these 'orange-clad' so called devout devotees (but I personally call them "PROTECTED" Hooligans)....

Yesterday, as I was on my way back from office, I encountered some of these orange clad protected hooligans who were hovering on top of their vehicles like anything. They played all sorts of music on the entire length of NH-24 which was not at all music to my ears. With such a bass and extremely deafening like high volume, I felt like I was in a discotheque rather than on a jam packed highway. The noise pollution apart from a jammed highway added fuel to the fire.

It's good to hail the LORD but nowadays it has become more of an act of display. There were times earlier, when only the sick and the weak used to embark on such pilgrimages. But now the pilgrimage tourism has acquired an entirely new dimension with becoming more of a leisure trip..

The View Of NH-24

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