Wednesday, 20 August 2014

What Life Brings To YOU, To ME & To Everyone Else?

Today, I was wondering, our lives have become so "ARTIFICIAL"!

Each one of us (YES! none of us can deny this fact) has to wear some mask or the other at some point of time in life. In this regard, I feel that 'Childhood' is the best phase of life. When we were young, we were eager to grow up to earn big bucks and now when we have become adults, we yearn for our childhood days. 

When in Office, one has to wear OFFICE MASK.
At Home, FAMILY MASK only to make your loved ones smile.
At a Party, it's PARTY MASK.
And even sometimes with Friends, one has to wear FRIENDS' MASK only to show that you are perfectly fine...... :) 

And finally after all these faces, if you are left with some energy, you get the time to BE YOURSELF!

Thankfully, I have my DIARY where I can just be ME..... :)

Long Long Way To Go !!!

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