Friday, 5 September 2014

A Day To Pay HOMAGE to Those Who Made Me What I Am Today!!

INDIA, one of the ancient civilizations is a testimony to the teacher-pupil tradition since time immemorial. There are records preserved in the National Museum of the country that show that this tradition has been into existence for thousands of years. The documented version of this fact could be found in one of the greatest epics - Mahabharat. It was Lord Krishna who taught his friend cum disciple Arjuna the LAW OF KARMA on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. 


In my opinion, Teaching is that exemplary profession that creates all other professions. The teachers play a remarkable role in helping, shaping, guiding and inspiring us and make us a civilized human beings. 

On this day, I would like to thank and remember all the teachers who have made me 'WHAT I AM TODAY'! It is the relentless effort of these beautiful guides who has always been there to show me 'THE RIGHT PATH'. 

My School - SOMERVILLE SCHOOL was my First Temple of Learning. Herein, I was lucky to be in the company of some of the wisest and brilliant minds. No teacher had the same temperament but each taught some of the greatest lessons of life - THE MORAL VALUES!

 It's been 7 long years now that I am out of school but even today, I thank my mentors on each achievement (regardless of how big or small the achievements are). Some of the few names that I would really want to mention here are those of Shaw Ma'am (KG), Devika Mam (IInd Std - English), Arundhati Ma'am (IIIrd Std - Hindi), Simon Sir (IIIrd, IVth, Vth - Science), Jose Sir (Vth - Maths - the strict one too), P. Kumar Mam (Maths - IVth - Again the strict one), Varghese Mam (VIIth - Maths - kind and gentle), Bent Sir (Music - throughout - children and guitar lover), Vinita Peter Mam (X - English - Teacher Class Apart), Esther Mani Mam (English - XI & XII - I owe my Academic Secretary Title to you Mam ♥♥), Devender Sir (Business Studies - How Much I Miss The Fun Eating While You Gave Lecture), Radha Devi Mam (Maths XII - Always Ready To Help).

All of you will always be a special part of my memory and my life. Two other mention are important here. James Mam (Hindi) & Lawrence Mam (History) were the most stringent teachers I had ever seen. But, attending their classes was fun though!

Moving on to College, the number reduced drastically. But I will always be obliged to NEERAJ SIR (Professor of HISTORY). It was him who acquainted me with the works of notable luminaries like Prof. Irfan Habib, Prof. Bipan Chandra, Prof. Eric Hobsbawm, Mushirul Hasan, William Dalyrymple and many of the likes. He ignited in me the spark to pursue History in depth and take it to the next level. (At school level, I hated it but under his guidance, I realized it was my forte). It was his faith which he reposed in me and I came out with shining colors throughout at the college-level pedagogy. 

The early morning lectures of Vandana Joshi Mam (History) were so mundane that I did not enjoy them then. But it was her who apprised me with the European world. The stupendous thoughts propounded by Romantics, Protestants, Anglicists, Orthodoxy and the likes instilled in me the fervour to know more. The Renaissance and the Reformation era was one of its kind.  

I cannot forget Jeevan Sir (History & Human Rights) as well. I still remember the day when I revisited the college after two years and he still called out my Name with Surname..
That one little gesture meant a lot to me.. :) :)

Next, I would like to thank my cute little Santa Sir (Dua Sir) my Travel and Tourism Management Mentor. He was always so kind and generous not just towards me but to all children. I miss his Christmas Parties  alot and the Pizza Parties that he used to organize quite often. It was soo good to be with you Sir.

Lastly, I would like to take this wonderful opportunity to thank my MAA who made me the person Who I AM TODAY!! It's her teachings and moral values and the legacy that I am taking forward. She taught me so much in such a short span of time. You were always there for me - Pushing ME. Guiding ME. Always to Succeed.

You Showed ME, When I Was Young Just How To Grow!
You Showed ME, Everything That I Should Know!
You Showed ME, Just How To Walk Without Your Hands!


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