Sunday, 28 December 2014

Setting off a journey almost after a year and a half was exciting me... Travelling together with my close knitted family was an experience in itself.. Time and again I recall my 18 km walk journey to the temple.. Enroute I get the chance to encounter exotic species which are just impossible to find in metros... The beautiful birds dot the cable lines,
Stars... We'll if u live in a metropolitan city, you will just find them in ur books... However, I got a special chance and I still cherish that moment as I was Travelling under the starlight sky... I could figure out some constellations too... Seriously - the polar bear....
Our sole vehicle was moving in between the vast expanse of dry land.. Specific to Rajasthan and a sheet of sparkling stars covered us... Ohhhbthe feeling was just awesome... The small shrubs, the cactus, the tree with no leaf has its own story to yell about the geography of the land..
The snake like twists and turns of the road reminds u that yes aravallis are the oldest fold mountains for.the world.. The  land covered with dust emphasizes th endpoint that u r in the desert state of India.. As my journey was progressing, I had the first hand experience Of watching the real royal Rajasthani havelis - intricate carvings on havelis...I was sooo close to the coldest place of Rajasthan-churu...
When it comes to food,I had the typical marwari spicy dishes.. The food was simply lecker that suited my taste buds... Colors - ?he vibrancy that one will find here can be found at no other place on this earth... Woo many colors on a single piece of cloth... WOW... The unlimited chatter.. Those sleepless nights..  

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