Thursday, 29 January 2015

One Should Make Way To Help Retain The Talent In The Interest of the Nation

If a person can take India to newer heights, why not give him the opportunity to do so?
If the nation can make use of his exceptional services, why not one should do so?
If that takes someone to surrender and make way for the other one, isn't this in the best interest of the nation?
Why to make a hulabaloo of it?
Just because you are in OPPOSITION and your only task is to OPPOSE!

Well I hope you've guessed it right!
I am speaking for Dr. S. Jaishankar, 1977-batch IFS Officer.

This man needs no introduction specifically in bureaucratic circles. He has been the Ambassador of repute to world's toughest nations like US and China.

Maun-mohan Singh's government would have been completely in shambles hadn't he been there post the Devyani Khobragade fiasco. He has also been credited for his deft handling of the Indo-China LAC conflict in 2013. Apart from it, he was also one of the key players in the Indo-US Nuclear Deal.

So, don't you think that it is in the best interest of the NATION to retain such a talent...

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

We Live In A World Where 'Irony' Reigns!

Each day, the capital city Delhi witnesses countless tales of brutal murders and heinous crimes....

Each day, newspaper is flooded with reports of a girl/woman/child being raped or sexually abused in the gullies of Delhi... (It has even earned for itself a sobriquet of being THE RAPE CAPITAL of the country.... Seriously?!)

Yet, the administration stands mute to this APATHETIC CONDITION ( Is that what we've dreamt of for our capital city?)

But, one fine day, when the head of the world's most powerful nation arrives in the same NATIONAL CRIME REGION (NCR), it sees 15,000 CCTVs installed in a week's time...

How Ironical!

Sad but True, the lives of 'Few' is much more precious than the ones in 'Lot'....

To quote Delhi High Court,
"The government had 'not acted so fast' when it came to the security of citizens. Because of a foreign president, you do it, but not for Indian citizens. If we direct you to do it for Indians, you do in months and years, else you do it in weeks. Let’s get someone from outer space.” 

The bench of Justice Badar Durrez Ahmed and Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva remarked while hearing a plea that 15,000 CCTV cameras installed for the Obama visit should not be removed after Republic Day.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Will Indian Freedom Fighters Get Their Due Share of Credit?? Ever?!

Waiting for the day to come when Indian history textbooks will give recognition to unsung heroes like these.. Isn't it a farce on their sacrifice??
It's time people should look beyond the contribution by NEHRU-GANDHI FAMILY 'ONLY'
Freedom fighters like these and many others should be given their due share of respect and recognition... They were not at all greedy for fame, power or position.. They had just one agenda in their mind - Freedom for their Motherland..

Friday, 16 January 2015

The National Green Tribunal Verdict Was Long Awaited!

After much hue and cry from environmentalists particularly the convener Manoj Kumar Mishra of YAMUNA JIYE ABHIYAN, finally National Green Tribunal decided to strictly apply the 'POLLUTER PAYS' principle to anyone disturbing the River Yamuna ecosystem.

The petitioner Manoj Mishra filed his petition in 2012 after which NGT setup two different committees under chairmanship of Prof. A.K. Gosain and Prof. Brij Gopal. Both of their recommendations have been accepted by NGT Chairman Justice Swatanter Kumar.

This court while giving this historic verdict, made it a mission to clean Yamuna by 2017 under the plan - Mailey se Nirmal Yamuna Revitalization Plan 2017.

Under it, if any individual or group found dumping religious debris or any construction waste will be liable to pay Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 50,000 fine respectively for causing pollution. Cracking the whip on real estate sector, the court has banned them from dumping construction material on the banks of 54-km stretch of Yamuna.

Source: The Hindu
With this judgement, if you are confused as to where to dump your religious debris, I have a better alternative for you.

Since the day I gained consciousness, I have been dumping all my debris in MY GARDEN AREA.... I make a hole in the garden and put all sand idols of gods and goddesses, the saamagri used in holy ritual, garlands and other things into that hole. With constant watering, it gets dissolved after a considerable period of time. If you dig up the same spot after few months, you will find them completely dissolved with hardly any traces left.

If you are not maintaining any garden area, you can buy a pot and put some soil over it and dump waste in it. Finally, cover the top of the pot with soil again.

If you read about our ANCIENT CIVILIZATION, i.e., INDUS VALLEY CIVILIZATION, you will realize that they used to do the same thing. Whenever they wanted to bury someones' ashes, they store the ashes in the pot (mud jars) and later on stack them in their backyards.

This is a win-win situation as you are not even polluting the environment and safely disposing off your religious belongings. So, start this activity today!

Delhi, being the most polluted city in the world needs a cleaner air to breathe in!!!

Why not start with Yamuna? :) :)

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Hill Sojourn Part I Day 00

Apart from my office mates, I would like to tell others that this particular blog is about my travel fantasy and the way I welcomed 2015.... So, here it goes!!

After about two months of perseverance, patience, dedication and discussions, the day finally arrived of which 'THE IM TEAM' was waiting for. A bunch of 12 people finally decided to spend three full days in a distant land and in the company of though NOT COMPLETE strangers; but yes, to some extent STRANGERS... Each one was super excited for this trip or I perceived it... :P

Before going further, let me just introduce you with my colleagues cum friends. We were 12 in number - Monika, Sonia, Arpit, Dahiya (Pooja), Ashmeen, Rajput (Pooja), Dhirendra, Vivek, Prasoon, Pallavi, Ankita.

So, our train was about to set off from OLD Delhi Railway Station and we divided ourselves in the groups of 4.... My father was to drop me and a tinge of nostalgia was already running through my veins..... Another year was knocking at the door and for the first time in 25 years I was not with my father.... This thought of keeping myself away from the family made me a little sad,,, But, as my friend said - This was MY decision....


My journey from home to the station was itself a herculean task. The jam at Mayur Vihar Phase - II compelled me to think otherwise.... Delhi & a JAM-FREE ZONE is like next to impossible.. It was already 2145 hours.. But, finally by god's grace I was just on time.... Gradually, the groups started coming in....

The train embarked off the station on time and we all screamed out of sheer enthusiasm and the escapade that was awaiting us in the MOUNTAINS!!! We enjoyed a hell lot during our train journey and since I get so less of an opportunity to travel especially in trains; I was damn excited for the route which I was about to traverse.

As soon as the clock struck midnight, we wished each other A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR, cut CHOCOLATE BROWNIE CAKE (Ah, my favourite)... And as the tradition is, everyone's phone were buzzing... The near and dear ones welcomed another year with NEW RESOLUTIONS and JOY..

The Sumptuous Chocolate Brownie Cake

 As the moon travelled along, my heart steeped into indescribable thoughts - ANOTHER YEAR, SEVERAL OPPORTUNITIES, LIFETIME MEMORIES TO CREATE.... I was lost in my own thoughts but suddenly Vivek interrupted and asked everyone to play UNO (My College Time Love
Game :P I was soooo much into it then)... So, some were game for it, others went to sleep while still others just chose to observe as to how it is played...

As this session ended, there were few brave ladies out there who decided to chit chat some more... And mind you not the usual girlie jabber jabber... It was the serious one.... At about 0300 hours, I, Dahiya, Pallavi, Monika decided to share REAL LIFE HORROR EXPERIENCES... Those who don't believe in spirits is a different matter altogether.. But those who do, well they missed out something really creepy fun..... Sharing horror tales at 0300 hours was pre-decided in Office only because it is said that spirits roam around during this time... And so we wanted to experience that if it is true anyhow... :P
Well, I begun with my OLD HOUSE STORY which is not to be narrated here... :P followed by Pallavi's Maharashtrian trail..... So, in the meantime, the three people who pretended to be sleepy woke up... Sonia initially joined the conversation and later on said to STOP as the intensity and volumes of tales increased.... Rajput wanted to join perhaps but wanted to sleep as well... Afterwards, Arpit described some yukkyy movie based on a Russian novel... Well, that too was scary and finally we decided to shut this topic.... Overall, it was a night which was spent really well!!

Next morning as the train was at halt at the Ludhiana Junction, I sensed the so-called 'Punjab di mitti di khushbu', the different coloured turbaned sardars (....and I always find kid Sardars too cute), the change in dialect, the distinct tonality from a newspaper seller to the tea seller... After about three hours of stoppage, finally the engine pulled up.... Afterwards, me and Dahiya (Pooja) sat down at the window seat to get the glimpse of 'Punjabiyat'.

@ Ludhiana Junction

The vast stretch of sugarcane fields, the old havelis, the beauty of yellow-flowers laden area, the not-so famous Lovely Professional University, the bridges, the streams of water, the rows of village houses....... All were appealing to our eyes.... We both were super excited to get such a glimpse....
Dahiya & Me

After much chatter, hours of stoppages, unlimited photographs, moments of cherishable memories..... finally the train arrived at Pathankot at 1230 hours.

Memories To Be Cherished :) 

This Is Just The Beginning

TO BE CONTINUED..............

Is Silence Really An Effective Mode Of Communication?

I just don't know how this thought came to my mind out of the blue... But Yes! I was really wondering if SILENCE IS A LANGUAGE? 

I know some of you must be thinking that I am crazy...... But wait! Before you judge me, pause for a second, close your eyes and think..... What you see is what exactly what I was talking about....

I hope now you must've realized too that SILENCE DO HAVE A LANGUAGE OF ITS OWN..... But how is this all possible then??

In this madness of earning massive bucks and living a lavish lifestyle, we all have left ourselves somewhere behind.... In a day, you see a lot many things sometimes associated with you and sometimes not....and sometimes good and sometimes bad.... But when you give time to yourself (as you did by closing your eyes and think), your mind actually tries and recollect 80% of the good things... It is in this closed state (and when you are open with the universe), your silent relieved mind strikes the right chord of medulla oblongta and that's how you start communicating with your inner self....

"When a heart is true, there's no need for words... As even in silence, LOVE can be heard"

So guys if you are in a relationship and if your partner knows this LANGUAGE OF SILENCE, hold onto him/her and don't let that person go ever!!

"Because Life's Most Deepest Feelings Can Be Heard In Silence"

,......And the one who can read volumes, is your TRUE COMPANION. How heartening it is to see when the man/woman/both could read each other's silence....

If you ask me,

Holding hands and silently walking in the midst of the jungle, on the road while its drizzling or on the beach side watching SUN touching the surface of the ocean is much more romantic than spending time at a busy crowded place......


I know there would be several people like me out there who would love to spend quality time in solace.....