Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Is Silence Really An Effective Mode Of Communication?

I just don't know how this thought came to my mind out of the blue... But Yes! I was really wondering if SILENCE IS A LANGUAGE? 

I know some of you must be thinking that I am crazy...... But wait! Before you judge me, pause for a second, close your eyes and think..... What you see is what exactly what I was talking about....

I hope now you must've realized too that SILENCE DO HAVE A LANGUAGE OF ITS OWN..... But how is this all possible then??

In this madness of earning massive bucks and living a lavish lifestyle, we all have left ourselves somewhere behind.... In a day, you see a lot many things sometimes associated with you and sometimes not....and sometimes good and sometimes bad.... But when you give time to yourself (as you did by closing your eyes and think), your mind actually tries and recollect 80% of the good things... It is in this closed state (and when you are open with the universe), your silent relieved mind strikes the right chord of medulla oblongta and that's how you start communicating with your inner self....

"When a heart is true, there's no need for words... As even in silence, LOVE can be heard"

So guys if you are in a relationship and if your partner knows this LANGUAGE OF SILENCE, hold onto him/her and don't let that person go ever!!

"Because Life's Most Deepest Feelings Can Be Heard In Silence"

,......And the one who can read volumes, is your TRUE COMPANION. How heartening it is to see when the man/woman/both could read each other's silence....

If you ask me,

Holding hands and silently walking in the midst of the jungle, on the road while its drizzling or on the beach side watching SUN touching the surface of the ocean is much more romantic than spending time at a busy crowded place......


I know there would be several people like me out there who would love to spend quality time in solace.....


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