Friday, 16 January 2015

The National Green Tribunal Verdict Was Long Awaited!

After much hue and cry from environmentalists particularly the convener Manoj Kumar Mishra of YAMUNA JIYE ABHIYAN, finally National Green Tribunal decided to strictly apply the 'POLLUTER PAYS' principle to anyone disturbing the River Yamuna ecosystem.

The petitioner Manoj Mishra filed his petition in 2012 after which NGT setup two different committees under chairmanship of Prof. A.K. Gosain and Prof. Brij Gopal. Both of their recommendations have been accepted by NGT Chairman Justice Swatanter Kumar.

This court while giving this historic verdict, made it a mission to clean Yamuna by 2017 under the plan - Mailey se Nirmal Yamuna Revitalization Plan 2017.

Under it, if any individual or group found dumping religious debris or any construction waste will be liable to pay Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 50,000 fine respectively for causing pollution. Cracking the whip on real estate sector, the court has banned them from dumping construction material on the banks of 54-km stretch of Yamuna.

Source: The Hindu
With this judgement, if you are confused as to where to dump your religious debris, I have a better alternative for you.

Since the day I gained consciousness, I have been dumping all my debris in MY GARDEN AREA.... I make a hole in the garden and put all sand idols of gods and goddesses, the saamagri used in holy ritual, garlands and other things into that hole. With constant watering, it gets dissolved after a considerable period of time. If you dig up the same spot after few months, you will find them completely dissolved with hardly any traces left.

If you are not maintaining any garden area, you can buy a pot and put some soil over it and dump waste in it. Finally, cover the top of the pot with soil again.

If you read about our ANCIENT CIVILIZATION, i.e., INDUS VALLEY CIVILIZATION, you will realize that they used to do the same thing. Whenever they wanted to bury someones' ashes, they store the ashes in the pot (mud jars) and later on stack them in their backyards.

This is a win-win situation as you are not even polluting the environment and safely disposing off your religious belongings. So, start this activity today!

Delhi, being the most polluted city in the world needs a cleaner air to breathe in!!!

Why not start with Yamuna? :) :)

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