Wednesday, 28 January 2015

We Live In A World Where 'Irony' Reigns!

Each day, the capital city Delhi witnesses countless tales of brutal murders and heinous crimes....

Each day, newspaper is flooded with reports of a girl/woman/child being raped or sexually abused in the gullies of Delhi... (It has even earned for itself a sobriquet of being THE RAPE CAPITAL of the country.... Seriously?!)

Yet, the administration stands mute to this APATHETIC CONDITION ( Is that what we've dreamt of for our capital city?)

But, one fine day, when the head of the world's most powerful nation arrives in the same NATIONAL CRIME REGION (NCR), it sees 15,000 CCTVs installed in a week's time...

How Ironical!

Sad but True, the lives of 'Few' is much more precious than the ones in 'Lot'....

To quote Delhi High Court,
"The government had 'not acted so fast' when it came to the security of citizens. Because of a foreign president, you do it, but not for Indian citizens. If we direct you to do it for Indians, you do in months and years, else you do it in weeks. Let’s get someone from outer space.” 

The bench of Justice Badar Durrez Ahmed and Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva remarked while hearing a plea that 15,000 CCTV cameras installed for the Obama visit should not be removed after Republic Day.

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