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4 Lesser Known Destinations, I Wish To Travel In My Lifetime – Part I

Words fall short when it comes to defining my passion for travelling. Maybe it’s in my genes – My Father loves travelling and venturing into unexplored destinations it’s his love too; even my Maa loved travelling. In fact, she did see quite many places in her lifetime (barring North-East). So, the same love is in both of us (me and my sisi). I have so many places in my mind when I think of travelling – If permitted, I can be a good solo traveler and I seriously don’t need any company to explore unventured destinations. But, the problem is that I am an over-pampered ‘kid’ and travelling alone doesn’t go well with my personality (as per the elders in my family). People love travelling to known places like the Pyramids in Giza, Eiffel Tower in Paris, Taj Mahal in India etc., but my taste is a bit different. So far as I am concerned, my list to explore destinations is endless, but to start with, I would surely love to see the following 4 destinations –  

1.       Cappadocia, Turkey – Being in the Anatolian Plains is like a dream come true in itself. Cappadocia, is a place that seems to be plucked out straight from a whimsical fairytale. The cave-like tenements are a sheer delight to the visual eye. This fairy-tale like world will leave you breathless as you scroll down the narrow by-lanes. The hot-air balloon ride will be just worth your money. The fantastic topography with fresco-adorned Churches is a mesmerizing sight. You just cannot stop wooing the lunaristic panorama created in the place. (I may seem like saying as if I have already visited. But, when I first read about it, I was in a different world – and that’s what Turkey has in its kitty). If I would ever get a chance to visit the place, it would by just like my all-time dream coming true…. Waiting for that day to come SOON!! J J

Cave-Like Tenements
A Sneek-Peak in the Past 

2.       Choquequirao, Peru – I am never a loner! In fact, this sounds true to everyone – it’s just that how you take things in. I find solace when I am in the company of nature (and I have said that ample time). This lost city of Incas, the nomadic South American tribe is a famous sister estate - Machu Picchu. The ancient houses, temples, walls and canals all lay covered under the dense forest. The best way to explore this destination is to go on an adventurous trek and unravel the mysteries and matchless beauty of the hills. Visiting Choquequirao will certainly be a treat for me as I love to travel off the beaten path.

Into The Heart of Choquequirao

3.       Dura Europas, Syria – A not-so-famous border city for people who doesn’t wish to travel Middle East. They must be aware of Palmyra or Damascus, but I am sure of seeing a mesmerizing view here in the place called Dura Europas. With the ongoing civil war in Syria, this border city for Parthians, Hellenistics and Romans is in shambles. But, once it used to be a famous tourist spot for housing the oldest preserved Jewish Synagogue. There was a time when the remarkable preservation activities led it to be known as the ‘Pompeii of the Syrian Desert’.

The Ruins of Dura Europas
Dura Europas Oversee River Euphrates

4.       Dakhla Oasis, Egypt – To the lovers of ancient civilizations, this destination is the place to be. The human habitation can be traced back to almost 150,000 years. It is site that once consisted vast lake, rock paintings showing zebras, elephants and ostriches going hither thither on the shores. I wish to experience the life in an oasis once and this place can make that wish come true. The lush palm orchards and groves against the ancient mud-brick forts still stand high and telltale the story of a tranquil past.

Does This Remind You Of Harappa & Mohenjodaro?
The Rock Paintings That Has Survived the Attacks and Crude Force of Nature

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