Thursday, 5 March 2015

A Peep Into the Obama Versus Netanyahu Conundrum

These days Israel is into the news for all the wrong reasons!

The recent visit of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the US was quite controversial and has been making headlines for the speech delivered by his Majesty at the Congress.

His primary agenda of the talks was to oppose the deal chequered between Iran and US (P5+1) as according to him it would - 
  • Leave Iran with Nuclear Infrastructure
  • Allow Iran to violate terms of negotiations because inspectors can only document violations but are unable to stop them.

When come to think of it, US and its allies particularly Israel suspected Iran of using civil nuclear programme as a cover to develop nuclear weapons capability in the long run. 

If we look at Iran, the problem pervades past several years and owing to long-term economic sanctions, the Iranians suffered penury. To survive and save people and its economy, negotiations were initiated when the Iran saw a regime change. In contrast to Mahmoud Ahmedinijad, Hasan Rouhani is quite liberal and understood the intricacies of working with superpowers. (Since, he had worked for UN for several years).

In my opinion, the talks were initiated just to save Iranian economy see a similar fate which was once faced by Germany during the Nazi era. During the Second World War, Germany saw insurmountable state of deflation where paper currency became redundant and there came a time when it was used as fuel to cook food. 


MARCH 17: A very crucial day in Israeli politics. That day, the world will see a closely contested election in Israel (for the Prime Ministerial Post). 

If I see his Congressional speech in that light, I certainly disapprove this fact that his speech was apolitical. What I am really wondering is that does he really wanted to put Israeli security in the forefront and his political ambitions in the backseat? 

Obviously, his speech must have gone down well with the Israeli electorate seeing Israeli PM standing before 'US' lawmakers and speaking upfront about Israel security. But, history (or time) will tell whether this brought a significant change (read rift) in the bilateral Israel-US relationship.


Back in 2002, Netanyahu encouraged US & UK to invade Iraq precisely for the same fear mongering reason that Saddam Hussein was about to launch a nuclear attack on Israel. But, then since both countries (US & UK) had a silent pact and hidden interests for oil, they meddled in the political affairs of the Middle East in the name of instituting DEMOCRACY in the region.

That was then! Coming back in 2015 - Since US has found massive wealth of Shale Gas it doesn't even bother to procure oil from the Middle Eastern countries. It now has just one agenda on its mind - TO CALL BACK ITS ARMED FORCES FROM TROUBLED NATIONS AND LOOK AFTER ITS ECONOMY - Because soon Russia and China will be a threat to its SUPERPOWER position.

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