Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Hill Sojourn - Part II - Day 01

I am writing this after ages... But, was very much pre-occupied with some other important stuff...
So, let's begin with my journey to the hills on Day 01

After exiting the Railway Station, our destination was awaiting us.... We decided to use public transportation as it is fun travelling in a local bus rather than a private taxi/traveller (at least I find it thrilling)... There were localites who spoke in a different dialect (completely different from ours) and for the first time since Wednesday night, we were scattered. I sat near a guy who wasn't a tourist but a frequent visitor to that particular destination (I too wasn't a first time traveller though).... He was originally from the southern end of India - Kanyakumari. (The place where one can have the best sunset view in the world... At least I find it that way... I went to that place when I was just 10 years old.. So had barely faint memory of that particular trip)
Travelling in Local Bus is Experience - One Of A Kind

Throughout the bus journey, my WOW factor was in full swing and I was loving it.... we screamed in ecstasy when we first saw the snow-capped mountains... (especially Dahiya and Me) from a distance.... As our bus was snaking through the local bazaar, some fresh orange sellers boarded in who sold 12 oranges for merely Rupees 12/. (Unbelievable it is, I know... But true!) Those sumptuous oranges had that 'goodness of NATURE'. At another halt, Prasoon brought Samosas for us... We were damn hungry... 

The Bus Stand

We got down at Guggal to board another bus for Dharamshala... I waved bye to that 'stranger' who was sitting besides me.... Only to see an exotic view that was awaiting us in the backdrop... Those snow-peaked mountains seemed soo close to us... 
The Scene @ Guggal - See the Backdrop (The Mountains)

After much fun, frolic and gaiety, finally we got down at Mcleod Chauraha.. As soon as I stepped down, memories came back in a flash of second... 5 years ago, I was standing at the same spot.... It was already 5PM, so we decided to have our lunch in the market itself.,. We dined at the not-Delhi-wala Shangri-La but yes, the food and ambience was super @Shangri-La. At this point, we were dead tired.. We had no energy left... but yes, I do wanted to mention an incident which is recalled by Sonia, even today... :P :P

Though, we all were tired, but as soon as I read that the restaurant had Wi-Fi facility, I gathered my energy and went upto the manager, just to ask the Wi-Fi password... (Oh! Sociabee Me! - I soo wanted to share an update then :P :P)
Tired, Yet Ready to Pose - @Shangri-La

Once our lunch was over, some in the group was pro-for hiring a taxi to the hotel as it was 2-km away from the Main Chowk.. But Me, Mona, Dhirendra and Arpit were willing to walk (although we were dead tired... But hills and walk is something I couldn't afford to miss)... It is here only where you can get a 'feel of nature'. Conclusively, we decided to board in a taxi for that time... (as we had ample time with us to walk in those snaky-lanes). 

As soon as we reached the hotel, we decided to retire in our rooms early and take a sound sleep so that we wake up fresh for the next day... But, before that, Me & Sonia went to Arpit's room only to borrow a pillow... But what we saw in there made us awe-struck.....

The calm in the midst of which we stood was simply breathtaking! The moon appeared to be too close to us... and it seemed WOW.... Prasoon, Me, Sonia & Arpit chatted there for a while... We had discussions regarding the time we were about to spend in that splendid, quaint calm.... 
Universe' Most Romantic Thing Called MOON

Though we retired to our rooms early, but our chats didn't pause before 0030 hours.

Hill Sojourn - Part III - Day 02 

                                                                                           To Be Continued!!!