Thursday, 9 April 2015

A Clash of Civilizations Through Nuclear Arms Race

Pakistan has taken a leap forward in the recent week by brokering/chequering a deal with China to have 8 more diesel powered submarines. This has aggravated the arms race between India, China and the Pakistan. Although, the world was glad when P5+1 sealed the deal with Iran to put its nuclear program at halt but the world powers failed to stress on South Asia. What China has done (and it always does) in partnering with his ‘all-weather friend’ is not seen in any good light in the Indian Defence circle. China is trying to widen its footprint in the Indian neighbourhood with its proactive (read aggressive) diplomacy through military, political and economic cooperation. If I may remind you, way back it had taken away Myanmar oil pipeline contract from India apart from constructing naval ports in Pakistan and Sri Lanka in the name of boosting economic and trade ties.

India is wary of China’s military intentions and the recent developments in Pakistan have made India all the more nervous. If we talk about the current Indian Navy fleet, it has 8 nuclear capable submarines when compared with Pakistan’s 5. Though by 2018, India will have 5 more nuclear powered submarine in its kitty but the most troublesome situation for India is –

This Yuan-class Type-041 conventional diesel powered submarines has the capability to remain underwater as long as four weeks. So, in a war-like situation, it can keep away from ‘enemy’s’ eyes and can win over easily. If the submarine gets mounted with Babar cruise ballistic missile, it will attain second strike capability – which again is a threat to India.

Other threats posed when Pakistan possess such deadly weapons are –
  • ·         Pakistan is a ‘safe’ haven for terrorists and non-state actors. The state of affairs in the country is already very tumultuous and concerning. In such a situation, if the arsenal falls into terrorist’s hands, they can bring havoc to India and the regions where Al-Qaeda and Islamic State are reigning.

  • ·         The Afghan neighbourhood is as porous as the Pakistan itself. With the West discriminating between the ‘good Taliban’ and the ‘bad Taliban’, one is still unsure of the adverse consequences of the expanding arsenal.

Today, Pakistan is engaging itself into a mad race of acquiring nuclear weapons. Insider reports suggest, today it is equipped with 120 nuclear weapons which will be three times in a decade’s time. To make this come true, China is funding heavily and supporting Pakistan (as it has always done). Way back in history, it was China who ‘secretly’ gave atomic weapon designs and uranium to Pakistan. With Chinese help, they were able to design their first atom bomb which was test-fired on the Chinese land. It has even asked its 'friend' North Korea to supply long range ballistic missiles to fill in the Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.

Given the close defence collaboration between the two countries, the recent deal was agreed on a long-term loan with low interest rate. [Pakistan give a damn about maintaining law and order in the country – It is just bred with a sick mentality of SACRIFICE in the name of JIHAD (shahadat – I know I am going off track... but it’s true!)]. Therefore, the ulterior motive of China is to encircle India with naval bases and that is why India is concerned upon expanding its fleet because it has two major threats near the borders – Pakistan and China. Though the West argue on treaties like NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) but they stand mute against such provocative steps initiated by China. Hence, it is to  be seen what and how nuclear race will shape up South Asia in the coming decade. 

Is the new world order heading towards a ‘clash of civilizations’ pitting West, India, Iran versus China, Russia, Pakistan and the Sunni Muslim countries? Will the world see another era of World War installing a new hegemon?

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