Saturday, 2 May 2015

What ROMANCE Means To ME?

Recently, one of my friends asked me, "What Romance (or being Romantic) to me means?" 
Oh! By the way, we were having a discussion on LOVE THESE DAYS and LOVE IN YESTERYEARS', short-term relationships and other similar topic. 

So, after thinking for a while, I said, "Romance (or being Romantic) has no single definition as per MY DICTIONARY.. But, as per the Oxford Dictionary, Romance is "a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love"... Well, to some extent this could be true but to me its altogether a different thing - a DEFINITE & STRONG FEELING....

On hearing this, she gave me a confused expression and I immediately said, Wait! Let me tell you what ROMANCE to me means..... So, here it goes - 

  • Once, my friend told me that I am sooo ROMANTIC that I can fall for someone even in my dreams.. At first, I thought it to be untrue.. But, somehow, I now realize that maybe she was right in saying this... And to quote my friend, I am not ROMANTIC but A HOPELESS ROMANTIC... ♥ ♥ I find Love in everything around me.. and I find solace in that... From a year old puppy to an old couple still leading their lives through thick and thin... I LOVE THE IDEA OF BEING IN LOVE - That's Romance!

  • The 3 -INGs that constitutes CarING, SharING and UnderstandING... Romance and Love is lifeless if these 3 things aren't there in a relationship... Thus, it is the pillar behind sustaining any relationship.. Without these, the spark in a relationship ends and what you do is just fight or lead just normal lives just for the heck of it.... SO, when you start Caring, Sharing & Understanding - That's Romance!

  • When the person cross miles only to SEE YOU..... (SMILE)...... That's Romance!

  • When you become happy in his/her success and happiness...... That's Romance!

  • When YOU CANNOT sleep all night long and think of him/her all day long... That's Romance!

  • When you do household chores together..... That's Romance!

  • When you desperately wait for his/her message (Though now, the fashion is Whatsapp where you connect with the person instantly, but I would really prefer mails, if not letters - My parents used to exchange LETTERS and I find that sooooo damn ROMANTIC.. I just can't even tell you....)..... That's Romance!

  • When you have so many thoughts to share, but completely gets out of focus on seeing the one YOU LOVE.... That's Romance!

  • When you blush while hearing a LOVE SONG or while thinking about the one YOU LOVE... That's Romance!

  • When You see Perfections in his IMPERFECTIONS........ That's Romance!

  • When you hold hands and have a tranquil beach walk and listen to the sound of SILENCE........ That's Romance!

For now, stay contended with these 11 points, later on THIS HOPELESS ROMANTIC will spell out more... 


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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