Thursday, 31 December 2015

Wedding Preparations & Honeymoon Destination

Well, it's been a lonnngggg - lonnnggggg time since I've last scribbled anything anywhere. I was just too busy (read messed up) with MY WEDDING PREPARATIONS (and stuff) so couldn't find a decent time to think of something.... 

Leaving the 'shaadi' thing behind.. Finally, today I got some spare time (after a month of getting married) to write something. As I was thinking what to write in my blog especially when a lot of time has lapsed for all those incidents to rekindle, the answer I received within was MY TRAVEL TALES TO ANDAMAN.. 

So during our courtship, my then fiance now husband left the decision solely on me for finalizing a honeymoon destination. I was quite in a fix for two places to travel within India and those were Kerela and Andamans. After much research, I finally settled for Andamans and informed the same to my then fiance (now husband :P). Since he is not as finicky for travelling as I am, he readily agreed.

We booked our tour from Travel Triangle and asked for quotes from several local tour agencies and finally settled with Andaman Mangroves.  The initial discussion and conversation with Abdul was quite good and we really liked their follow-up procedures. They (Abdul and Madhavan) were constantly in touch with me (as I had customized the itinerary). 

During our discussions on customization, they gave us complete information as to how, when and where we will find things of our interest. Initially, I wasn't quite contended with the choice of hotel they suggested during our stay in Port Blair. I researched a few and got back to them to tell about my preferences and in the next instance, they were there with my choice of room. 

Whenever I travel to a place, I see that I should feel the surroundings I am staying in. Way back in December 2010 when I camped in Jim Corbett with my friends, I assured that we had that 'jungle' feel in our bamboo shacks. It was an eco-friendly resort and the same kind of thing I requested the Andaman Mangroves team. (As Andaman is famous for Bamboo and shells and of course coconut water :P)

They soon realized my preference and offered me Bamboo Resorts in Megapode Nest. The view which they described on phone was surreal and people who know me can understand I was curious to visit that place then and there itself. The Bay of Bengal shore from your window and tranquil all around! What else a honeymoon couple would want :P :P I was mesmerized!

Gawd the waves hurling on stones and sunrise and sunset I was dying to see them and was anxiously waiting for the moment to arrive. Next, came the choice of attractions to visit on a 6-day tour. There too I was the decision-maker and I thought to ask my then fiance (now husband) if he would be interested in seeing THE ABORIGINALS. During my research on the topic of tribal languages, I had read a lot about the famous five tribes in Andaman and Nicobar Islands and one amongst them were Jarawas. I really empathize with their situation as I have read a lot about them during my preparation for CIVILS as well. 

So, this was the opportunity, I could see them live in front of me and that too in this life; only if my then fiance (now husband) would approve (coz not everyone would say YES to this plan as it also involved early rising). Thankfully, since he really takes very good care of me and my interests, he readily approved of the same. So, instead of visiting Museums, I thought to create a lifetime memory for myself and meet the most ancient and existing tribe.That time, my only wish was to see them.....

That's how our HONEYMOON TRIP was finalized... 

There's much more to come... Stay tuned.... :) :) 

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