Monday, 7 November 2016

A Tale Of A Journey BACK HOME!

Time and again, a pang of nostalgia come rushing in the temporal lobe of my brain and takes me back in those same old bylanes. The hard I try to move forward in this journey called LIFE, there is something that takes me back to my native place. 

Recently, I paid a brief visit to the place which was once MY HOME. Upon entering the main gate, a gamut of emotions ran through my veins which ripped me apart emotionally though I was physically STILL STRONG.

The sofa which once used to be my daytime bed on weekends while watching movies and soaps on television was delighted to see me. Although, he was shying away from me and covered itself beneath a veil of a soft sheet, but was curious to know how I was. On opening my personal drawer which nobody touched in the year gone by still had kept safe some of the most cherishable memories of the yesteryears even today.

As I proceeded forward, walking across the gallery, I first stepped into the kitchen -  a place which I used to despise the most then and even now. But that day,  a tear fell off from my eye. It wasn't like the last time I saw it when I departed my home to enter into a new one. But today, it was different.

Moving forward, I straight away reached to my room and man! That was a moment of outburst. There were so many things that I had created myself in this room and had pasted in on the walls,  doors  and other places. Moments of Kani n me fighting came back with a lightening speed. 

Sleeping next to her, hugging her tight after watching a horror movie was the first thing that the box of memory brought in. Seriously Kani, post your marriage, I have stopped watching horror movies.

The late night ballet dancing sessions and gossiping with Mannu Bhai and Prerna when they came over and Maggi with coffee at midnight were one of the few moments that came back to me rushing. But, ultimately, I was greeted by the empty walls that tell a story of how lonely they had been all this time. 

After a brief moment, I checked into Papa 's room and faint memories of Maa caressing me came in. Her image of sitting by the bedside and calling me was the first and last thing I would love to recall.

I miss her truly sometimes desperately. Sometimes,  I crave for a little hug or the famously known jaadu ki jhappi. The way she pampered both of us with care, I don't know but I cannot recall how it sounded when she called out my name "Mani". 

That time,  she was my best friend. She had known everything and anything all about my friends, studies, my life. Suddenly, things changed so quickly post May 2004 and we soon turned into adults. 

Almost a decade and a half I had spent at this place which I once used to call MY ROOM and in a moments time, you just have to leave everything and go away to make a new home... rainfall of salt water 

P.S. : Couldn't think of another ending! 

Monday, 17 October 2016

A Date With Jarawas - The Adivasis of Andaman

I first met Jarawas through the Hindu Newspaper while I was preparing for the civil services exam. I don't know why, but tribal is one such topic that grabs my attention instantly. Jarawas are one such tribal species that belong to the Negrito origins and came to India from Africa around 60,000 years ago. So, practically, they form one of the most ancient groups of our human race.


So, I read about the atrocities that people used to mete on them while trespassing through their corridor that is NH4 or the Great Andaman Trunk Road. Foreign and Indian tourists alike used to lure them with food and ask them to perform or sing in return. That was pathetic, I know. Although, Supreme Court ordered to block the road for a while, but thankfully it was open when we planned this trip. Since, with global warming and tsunami, they are hapless today and short of natural resources with which they once fed their families. So, they did do the things that were asked by the tourists.




So, coming back to the story! I knew it then and there that one day in my life, I would surely see them live. That day finally came and it was our last day of the trip as in like Travelling as the next day we had to board our flight back to Delhi.

We both are passionate travelers (Thank God! Sachin too has the zest to travel), so, we got ready early in the morning at 0300 AM. Our driver Ashish was right on time and we reached Jirkatang around 0520 AM. Along the route, we trespassed, Cattlegunj, Tsunami affected region, and dense fog had engulfed the area (since it was early morning).

These Two Were Tsunami Affected Regions Which I Captured On Our Way Back To Port Blair

As I am writing this, I can recall each and every moment that went so well. We got the opportunity to see the rising sun. One of the most beautiful sunrises to encounter in life. There was a small Shiv Temple and cattle were grazing in the fields in front of us. We had our breakfast at the spot which was a hot, sumptuous and lip-smacking idli sambhar.

Shiv Temple @ Jirkatang

It was a heavily militarized area. We need to fill up forms and ask for permission to travel across the road. Ashish had kept everything already in place so we just needed to comply what he had told us. So, our journey started sharp at 0600 AM and hardly after moving 500 meters, I was thankful as I got to see two groups of Jarawas. Can this be the view I had waited all my life till now? Probably YES! It was one of a kind feeling and seriously man, I cannot describe in words. I wish I could get a photograph clicked. :(

Anyways, one of the two groups comprised of a mother with three children who were painted white over their faces and another was a group of three women probably basking in the sunshine or simply viewing the vehicles trespassing. The group of women was sitting under a tree. The road stretch is of 50 kilometers post which you will land up at Baratang. Along the route, you will be greeted by tree-lined across the boulevard and if you are lucky lots and lots of Jarawas holding ax, blades, and sickle in their hands. Though they will not harm you unless you won't say anything to them. But, now there is no chance of talking to them because laws are quite stringent. Tribal Officers wearing plain clothes could be seen around with the groups of Jarawas and even if you try to take a snap, they will catch you and cancel the driver's license or even worse, the taxi service license.

Along the 50km route, I could see fumes coming out of that dense forest at one point whereas rays of the sun were straining through the leaves in the other. And an echo of something that wasn't seeming creepy. Don't know if it really was or not? :P

Approximately 19 kilometers before reaching Baratang Island, creek came in our way where eagle made an eye contact and we encountered drop-dead gorgeous and colorful butterflies. As far as my eyes could stretch, I saw a kuccha dwelling, probably of a Jarawa which was giving impressions of being tribal in nature as they were made of bamboo. Ashish told us that they had the knowledge way back in 2004 when Tsunami terribly hit them that something ominous is about to come. He told us that they had relocated at upper stretches of the land even before the Tsunami came and that's how they were able to survive the fierce power of nature.

Finally, we reached the Middle Strait at Jarawa Check Post, where we were to boat a government jetty that would take us farther away to Gandhi Ghat at 23 kilometers.

Our next destination was Limestone Cave followed by a visit to the Barren Island, the only confirmed active volcano in South Asia. For more information about the same, refer to this WikiTravel Page.

So, the speed boat at Baratang took around 20 minutes and transported us to the Limestone Cave. We had to walk around 1.5 kilometers to reach inside the cave and we were given a guide who would led us inside it. There were panoramic vistas and white blocks of stone all around us. On our return, a little bit of rain poured over and I presumed to see a crocodile which is completely refuted by my husband. But, as the saying goes, "Wife is always right", I did confirm the same with boat operator and he did tell us that crocodiles do exist in those mushy - marshy waters of the mangroves.

Inside the Limestone Cave

The 1.5km stretch might haunt the weak-hearted

On reaching the Baratang, our taxi waited who took us to the Barren Island and yes, smoke did came out from the vents. It was a sheer delight to see something like this in our life. True, travel did give you some countless experiences and it is these moments, memories and experiences that you'll remember FOREVER.

@ Barren Island

So, we traverse the same route back to Port Blair and en-route we were lucky enough to see a Jarawa couple holding arrows and sickle and a family at different spots. These are the moments that are hard to come by.

On an additional note, Ashish told us that primarily six primitive tribes inhabit the entire Andaman & Nicobar area namely Onges, Jarawas, Great Andamanese, Nicobarese, Shompen, Sentinel. No one is allowed to enter Nicobar as only tribes live there and are dangerous. The Nicobarese, Shompen, and Sentinel tribes haven't allowed intermingling of cultures and are still at the hunting-gathering stage. Particularly, it is the Sentinel tribe that is highly dangerous and doesn't allow anyone to come near to them. They will instantly attack you with their bow and arrows.

So, if you are in Andamans, enjoy your ride with nature, mangroves and crocodiles. :P

Happy Journey!

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Delhi Now & Then!

Delhi, my home city will always hold a special place in my heart.. After all, I have spent 25 incredible years of my LIFE.. I have lived and relived my adolescence, teenage, youth and adulthood in nook and corner of the National capital region.. From a loner to sociabee, I’ve enliven every single phase in this fast paced lively lovely city.

Now, I ve moved my base to Gandhinagar (again the capital city), but life here is entirely different. In fact, its so peaceful and Calm out here and I'm really Loving this slow place in the city. After running in search of life, It is here I've found the inner peace.

Who wouldn't like to dance in the rain as it pours down incessantly? Being a pluviophile, rains have always created an enormous impact on my mind.. Life (read nature) wasn't like this in Delhi. In fact, we all have witnessed incessant rains here a decade ago .. Remember The time when we used to return from school fully drenched with socks and shoes filled with water to the brim.. The shower there after and ginger tea by mumma used to be a treat. . Those were the days..

The peacock here comes in the backyard and I can well spot him from my balcony.. The level of my happiness knows no bounds at the sight. I imagine and see different colored birds whose little chirps I've started recognizing .. There used to be a time when peacocks and birds used to come at my house' rooftop. But, today with places shrinking even for humans where will these peacocks stay? Those were the days...

Star gazing was one such activity which as a child I used to do so often because the middle strata of society owned no Air conditioning unit. Back then, They were not popular in households as they are now.. The Z generation kids will never know how to survive without ACs, Cars or cell phones because they get everything so early in life.. As a kid, me and my sister used to sleep on the terrace with Maa paa.. I barely used to realize how soon I slip into my deep slumber just by watching at the star-studded sky and MOON just around the corner .. But, then this was again a decade ago.. Imagine the situation now.. you could hardly spot a Star or two in world's most polluted city .. Imagine its August but temperature refuses to low down. Those were the days...

This time it was just a short stint to Delhi, but I started feeling nostalgic for Gandhinagar- The weather, the birds, the stars and everything else around. I am hopeful , they too are waiting for me as impatiently as I am for them..
Untill next time.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Scuba Diving: An Experience Worth Reminiscing & Sharing

There comes a time in everyone 's life when clouds of disappointments and doubts reign over your head. The same thing happened to me in Havelock,  the scuba diving destination. (Yes! You got that right. It has to do with Scuba diving).

To dive a few feet below the surface of the water,  the weather conditions should be ideal and high tides are an absolute NO. In my case,  when I reached the spot at the Barefoot Scuba,  the guy at the center informed that the conditions weren't ripe for dive. All my hopes were shattered in a flash of a second. It wasn't about the money at all. But, about the lost opportunity which I could experience only here (at least in India). The other popular scuba diving destinations are Australia of course with its shrinking Great Barrier Reef, Maldives, and Seychelles to name a few.

So,  after waiting for about an hour or so, he finally gave the costumes to change and the thought of diving reflected  in my eyes. At that moment, I was going through a gamut of emotions ranging from eagerness, enthusiasm, nervousness and last but not the least -  the shark attack. Yes! Even this thought did came to my mind because as a child,  I had seen the monstrous shark's Deep Blue Sea. Well, don't worry! I didn't mean to scare you because they don't take the beginners in such deep crevices of the water.  Since imagination knows no bounds,  this thought occurred in my head.

So,  we had a 45 minutes training session before going into the crystal clear warm waters of the Bay of Bengal. The instructor tells you about controlled breathing and the important signs to communicate with him under the water. Since  you will be tied to an oxygen mask cylinder, there is no other way to communicate than with signs.

After successfully learning all that,  he took some photographs for cherishing and then I was set free (not in the true sense because a trainer comes with you. So it is 100% safe and nothing to worry about your life) to experience the magical world beneath. Nature is bounty with such amazing flora and fauna that it is hard to believe and sometimes you feel like as if you are in heaven. It was truly once in a lifetime and an unforgettable experience to witness such a colorful and wealthy underwater marine life . Happiness comes in several forms and this was one for me.

In between the dive, another team member comes and ask us to pose so that you have something to remember and take back home the good memories of it. Finally, after half an hour, the session comes to an end and it is time to leave the place but not without a smile and a satiating  feeling.

The front desk operator, a foreigner handed over the video and photographs that were taken under water along with a certificate of completion.

The time came when we were to move to our next location, i.e., Kalapatthar Beach. Well, I had two options that time. Either to visit elephant beach or the Kalapatthar one and I chose the latter because my mother in law were all praises about this particular beach. On the way, I asked my Driver Ashish, why is it named so and what constitutes the black water in the middle of the all-green sea blue beach? Well,  he told me like the beach is aptly named because it has black stones and when the sun rays shone over them, it reflects black color, hence you see that color. And everything was clear after that.
I researched on the same after coming back and the black color was due to the black rocky limestone formation which juts out from the land towards the sea.

When we reached in the afternoon, It was practically empty (just what I wanted as I despise crowd and I avoid crowded places) with a few foreigners around tanning in the sun. We had plenty of US time to spend there. We loitered around and walked barefoot on the beach together holding hands and writing on the Sand gave us sheer delight.

After spending good 3 hours, we decided to retire to our hotel room and just chat. So,  after a hearty session of meaningful talks, we decided to take a stroll around the resort which had a private beach within its premises. Our resort had one beautiful thing which was its location. It was in the middle of the jungle and it gave me goosebumps at the thought of meeting a wild animal.

After making a way, we saw the sun setting in the horizon where sun and sea meets.  It was a truly incredible sight to behold. With no cell phones or cameras that one moment was precious and we were glad we did not take these things with us and just watched as the sun hid behind the clouds.

After half an hour or so, the weather changed and it started thundering so hard. Man, I got scared!  We were alone on the beach and had not a single soul. I recalled Bear Grylls' survivor stories. The beach was a 15-minutes walk from our room and we rushed from the place immediately. En-route, we lost our path a few times, but finally managed to reach the right spot - in front of the room.

We decided to rush to the nearest restaurant for dinner because our resort had no great vegetarian food and specialty was obviously sea food. So,  we walked and headed straight to the nearest restaurant and had amazing delicacies. Only the pizza was pathetic. Rest everything was edible.

On OUR return, It started raining and we were alone on the Road - Walking slowly and enjoying the feeling of getting drenched in the first shower together. That was another undefined feeling.

Until next time

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Travelogue Straight From The Havelock Islands


People reading this blog may find our journey quite hectic because it demanded punctuality. If we are to move around and see places, we need to get ready "on time". So, the third day was scheduled for a Makruzz Jetty Ride that took us to Havelock Island. The only mode of transportation available to reach Havelock from Port Blair was sea and both government and private jetties run on this route daily. 

The Government Jetties Stationed @ Phoenix Bay

Makruzz - Private Ferry Available From Phoenix Bay Jetty 

After going through the reviews on TripAdvisor, we picked the ride in a Makruzz which offered a luxurious and personalized services to its guests. The interiors were clean and during the ride, they told about the safety measures to be taken in an event of any mishappening. As we were faring in the gigantic Bay of Bengal, the safety precautions were a must. 

The engine of the cruise along with the tides of the water landed us at the Govind Nagar Island at 0930 hours. En-route, wherever our eyes reached, there was water all around us. It was such a heaven and I was wondering how would it be like living on an island. On landing, our driver was waiting to transfer us to the Wild Orchid & Beach Resort.

The Welcome View @ Govind Nagar Island, Hacelock

Resting Huts at Havelock

We were to spend the following two nights in the Havelock Island which is more popular as the Diving Destination. After resting for a while, our driver picked us up right at 1300 hours from the resort. We were about to relax furthermore at Radhanagar Beach which lies on the South Coast of Havelock Island. The TIME Magazine has rated this beach as one of the best beaches in ASIA. So, we already had that information and were damn excited to see what the beach have for us. To me, it was a little crowded, but if I go on defining its beauty, words will definitely fall short. Let the picture speak for it. 

@ Radhanagar Beach

The beach was surrounded by dense forest and there was a little Shiv Mandir but that was a little off-located and you need some guts to travel in an unknown place like that where a few tribes of aboriginals are aggressive. So, I and Sachin decided to follow the marks and thankfully we reached the right spot. The temple wasn't grand and since we had no guide, we did not know why it was located at such a secluded place. There was not a single person around to ask for the directions if we would've lost our paths to the beach. But, I suppose it must have been constructed post the devastating 2004 Tsunami.

By the time we finished splurging in the cool blue water it was dawn. So we decided to make way for the resort. En-route, we stopped to have the local fruit chaat. As the vendor was sprinkling lemon, I noticed a huge sized lemon thing. On asking , he said that this is what they reap after growing lemon in the fields. Thus, I had the opportunity to taste the 'real', organic and chemical free fruits and lemon. Living in such a place has its own hassles and advantages, but I would see more advantages than difficulties on living on an island like this. 

The Lemon

Fruit Chaat Made From Locally Procured Fresh Fruits
On our way back, I initiated a conversation with our driver Babul who was a young, energetic and an enthusiastic man in mid-20s. I asked him about the local culture and faith, the native language (which is Hindi) that people use. Their mainstay is Tourism and export of Supari. The Supari trees can be found in abundance here. 

He also told me that they don't throw the cover of the coconuts. In fact, they make use of the same in making bus seats out of it. These people try to recycle everything till the time it is of no use. While discussing the tribals, he informed that they do come to their homes to eat sometimes, but they do not harm them. This shows two things - First, the apathy in which these aboriginals are living in without food and secondly, the peaceful co-existence of the modern and indigenous man. Babul was telling all this with great interest and he even said that there are certain Out Of Bound Areas in Little Andaman where more dangerous Onges and Nicobarese tribes live. Both these tribes are known to attack the outsider and that is why entry to the Nicobar Islands is strictly prohibited. 

There are over 570 islands in Andaman itself, but only 30 are inhabitable and the remaining islands are under government control. Since the driver was so co-operative, we asked him to take us to the local market instead of the resort to have a local fruit for our memory. He took us there and we first had a natural freshly made ice-cream at Amore and later bought Chakotra. That was a sheer delight for me. I love trying everything local. The fruit belonged to Orange Family and was sour in taste. 
Chakotra - Native Fruit
On our return from the local market, the driver was fined for parking at the wrong side. So, we paid for it because he stopped the car for us. After much reluctance, he finally agreed to accept the money.

That's how the venturous second day ended in the islands. More to follow. 

Until next time! 


As a kid, I’ve always had a fascination to travel in train. As I crave travelling (which is of course deeply entrenched in my genes and over the period of time, the craving just got deeper and deeper to the extent that I aspire to become a globetrotter... God save you Sachin Aggarwal), summer and winter vacations used to bring us a respite from the monotony...

Mumma made sure that we visit nanaji's house (maternal grandfather) at least twice a year during summer and winter breaks.

Before my marriage, my longest train journey used to last just three hours..(post that it's 13 long hours.. Just a single 1 is added though). But those three hours meant the world to me and I used to eagerly Wait for the station Master to give the green signal to our train. Another reason for my excitement was the bookstore at the station.. Papa made sure that we had a copy of champak, twinkle or Amar Chitra Katha .. I'm sure these names doesn't sound alien to the majority of the kids from the 90s.

The fascination to grab the window seat hasn't gone still and the situation was same then. It used to be the window seat that offered me glimpses into the world and path that I had never seen and trailed before. The lush green, yellow - mellow fields , cows, buffalos, and kids bathing in small streams , hut houses, the vast expanse of land lying idle waiting for the seeds to be sown , the sound of another train passing by, the black long tunnels, public chatter , and what not. Have you experienced ever when the sound of train changes Whenever it rushes overhead a bridge? If you haven't, listen to it carefully, I love that sound and I'm sure you'll love it too..

Wheel of time spun so fast (faster than the speed of light) that I didn't realize I've grown this big. Studies, more studies and even more studies and later career kept us so busy that the journey which once used to give me immense pleasure, faded from my memory completely .

Today, As again I am Walking down the same lane, Memories gushed from the eyes. This was my imagination of heaven . The abandoned places, trees, shrubs, parched lands, cows, buffalos, surreal sunsets, exotic sunrises. WOW

Until next time.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

From The Diary Of An Explorer - The Andaman Island!

To read the first part of the travel series, click on the following link

Our tour coordinator was a great guy - Mr Rajesh. After collecting our baggage, we were greeted by him who transferred us to our hotel in a clean white Xylo. Our hotel - The Megapode Nest Resort was 20 minutes away from the Airport and in between we chatted with him about the local area.

The hotel staff was very friendly, and the room was fantabulous! Just what I saw on TripAdvisor. The bamboo shack was mind boggling. In one word, our room was just WOW! I've always had this feeling to stay as per the place I am in. I despise the brick-and-mortar rooms that doesn't give me the feel of the destination. But, this place was worth every penny.

As I opened the balcony of the room, the mammoth BAY OF BENGAL was behind me. The swirling long waves touched the shore, the mini forest below our shacks was something really very pleasing to the visual eye. The sound that the gushing waves produced, the boats of the fishermen near the shore and the huge vessels in the midst of the ocean was something that will last in my memory FOREVER!

So, after breakfast and some relaxation, we headed towards our first tourist attraction of the day - The Cellular Jail a.k.a Kala Pani. The jail is a living example of an architectural masterpiece and a testimony to the tortures meted out to our freedom fighters. Originally, this building had a seven-pronged structure,  but over a period, only three survived. The central tower of the building serves as its fulcrum.

As you enter into the compound, there lies a Freedom Fighters Photo and Exhibition Gallery. There are the information and black and white photos of the complex from the earliest times. Just like in Africa, Britishers employed Indians as slaves to construct their soon-to-be torture cells. As I strolled around, my uninformed senses came to work, and I read that even the Japanese invaded and occupied this island at the behest of Netaji.

This national memorial is close to Ross Island, Viper Island and Chatham Bridge. Aberdeen Bazaar, the local market is just a few minutes' walk away from the building. Barring it, the confinement is enclosed by water on all the sides. Considering the logistics in those times, if a prisoner ever tried escaping, he could barely swim across the gigantic Bay Of Bengal.

In the right side of the main entrance, you will find the gallows that were capable of hanging three persons simultaneously. Their hung bodies were laid to rest in an underground building which brought chills down my spine, and I feared taking those steps that were once a ground for piling dead bodies.

As we both descended to the first floor, we found the Savarkar cell was the last in the row, and he was totally shunned from other inmates. In short, he was solitary confined inside the four walls for several years together. And it is such a shame that he had to undergo the same treatment even after India attained Independence.

After spending a good 3 hours inside the complex, our tour coordinator drove us towards the Corbyn Cove's Beach. En-route we chatted with our driver to know more about the pristine land, and he told us that the local (spoken) language is Hindi (as I used to think that they used to speak some South Indian language). He stopped his car to show us the KING COCONUT, which was orange in colour and native to Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

The lanes were snaking through our path, and we asked him to stop midway as the weather was soo romantic. The cool breeze, tropicalness, the sound of the gushing water, rocks - IT WAS INCREDIBLE! As I am writing it, I can still contemplate that feeling. A few minutes later, we reached the Corbyn Cove's Beach and my first living experience with a beach came to life as the not-so-cold water of the ocean called me towards it. The time we reached there, the sun was setting, and it was one of the finest setting suns I've ever seen to date.

The only drawback was that the place was a bit crowded. It was a prized moment which is often reflected in a Nicholas Sparks' novel, and I wished, "How mesmerising it would've been if only WE both remained at the beach. Hand in hand, we saw the waves touching us and feeling our skin. At the far end of the ocean, the sun is being engulfed by it." It was time to come back to REALITY!

So, after my romance with the beach ended, it was time to go back to the Cellular Jail to watch the Son-et-Lumiere (The Sound and Light Show). The spell-binding show begins when the darkness creeps in, and it takes you back to the days of freedom struggle. It's a show that never fails to bring a lump to your throat.

After the fun-frolic day, we retired to our room and were excited to see the morning sun from our balcony.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

A Memory Card From A Best Friend To Her Soul Sister!

We've evolved so much with time.Everything used to be so jazzy for ME from my nail paint to bags to my slippers.Much Has Changed

.... Alot has changed....

You on the other hand, I remember asking you to apply kajal on your eyes and you were so reluctant then. See, I was right about it. Much has changed... A lot has changed.....

I was a kind of serious one and you on the other, the blabber girl... In some matters, we were poles apart... but still there was some connection between us....

Well in all these years, what hasn't changed is our friendship.. touch wood
If I try to make a collage of the memories that we've collected so far, I'm sure a single wall will fall short to accommodate it all. Though we are separated by the distance, but somewhere deep down in our hearts, we still care for each other.. Still Love Each Other...

Sometimes, as I unravel the pages of my life's story, a tear roll down my cheek and I relive those moments once again... How beautiful the college days were. How exciting we both made it... There were many friends around.. They came and left, but we did not give upon each other... People used to call us Sisters or Lesbians, it hardly mattered to us.. because back then, we were sooo in 'love' (well, sisterly love) with each other..

Those GCR sessions, eating from the same plate, the Tankush getaways, our journey to MMB, crossing the Dhaula Kuan's underpass, Waiting endlessly for the DTC bus to come (well that was my trait... 740 :P), watching unbearable movies together (To name a few - Quick Gun Murugan, Tum Milo TO Sahi - I still remember how beautifully you convinced me to go for it instead of watching LSD....), hanging out with each other, seeing the nook and corner of Delhi and especially CP is unforgettable. When we used to wear same clothes... OUr coffee sessions... Our NSPs... Our etc. etc.. etc.. the list would go on... How we explored off-the-beaten-path together.

Well, the only times we needed the third person was when we needed to click our photographs... And the selfie phones or the front camera phones ended that need as well...

Though we are miles apart, it still feels as if we are near to each other... Dying to meet you babes... Will meet soon...

With Love,