Thursday, 28 April 2016

We Have Finally Found OUR DemiGod In Delhi!

Normally, I do not pay heed to what Mr. Kejriwal has to say, but while going through the newspaper today, I read something that this self-proclaimed demi-god had to say (obviously about HIMSELF) and the headline read – “Kejriwal pits Gujarat model against his own.” The headline intrigued me and I started reading it and wish to convey a few thoughts on my experience and they mirrored when I was living in the capital till a few months back. 

The first aim as a politician of this 'clean' politician was to defeat Shiela Dikshit! Well, that was indeed was his first fantabulous success and now today each one of us knows that Congress is no more a threat either to Delhi or to any other state in the country. In such a situation, attacking BJP is the only thing that can be expected of YOU. 

In your statement, you said – 

1. “During Lok Sabha polls, a story was done on the Gujarat model. WE went to schools and hospitals in Gujarat then and found them in bad shape. People have been cheated in the name of Gujarat……. WE invite everyone to compare the two models. See our MOHALLA CLINICS, see the work we are doing.” 

Can anyone please make him understand, the comparison is made between two same variables. Come and visit the Civil Hospital of Gandhinagar, all your government run hospitals will put to shame. Plus, you have mentioned about Mohalla Clinics, what about the condition of public schools in Delhi? What about that Mr. Future Prime Minister? 

2. “WE are not here to fight elections. WE are here to change the system.” 

We all are aware of that you want to change the system entirely and if it doesn’t go as per your way, the Centre doesn’t let you work! You want to manipulate and make things work in your favour by hook or by crook. BTW, last time you broke the alliance with Congress because they did not allowed you to frame the JAN LOKPAL BILL. So, where has your dream gone now? I think you are in the majority, right? Or the Centre still must be acting as an obstruction.. You and YOUR DOUBLE STANDARDS are known to everyone. 

3. “We will fight to WIN.” 

Who else knows this better than a Delhiite! Of course, you will fight to WIN even if it means to join hands with the likes of Lalu & Nitish. But, you are here to WIN. So, it hardly matters to you. Oh, BTW! I forgot to mention about these politicians having clean image as “YOURS”. 

4. “We have to fight elections to make governments and change the system.” 

Which system are you talking about Mr. Kejriwal? You chose to remain mum on major questions concerning the country – the Naxal issue, the Article 370, Reservation, Terrorism, Cyber Security. But, you do not leave an opportunity, to visit Hyderabad or UP. I wish to quote the famous Raj Kapoor’s song here, “Samajhne wale samajh gaye, jo na samjhe wo anari hain”. 

5. “People of Delhi are so satisfied with AAP’s model of governance, that if polls were held today, BJP won’t win a single seat.” 

Oh really?! Try us Mr. Kejriwal! I am sure certainly; Delhi does not wish to see you again in their city. You are better off somewhere else, but certainly not in DELHI! 

What are the needs of a common man? A good house, 24 X 7 water and electricity, good (in fact wide) roads, clean air, woman safety, NO crime, jobs to the localiites, flourishing manufacturing sector and a high-speed Wi-fi. Does “YOUR Delhi” provide any of these?

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