Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Journey To The Island!

29th November 2015, Sunday

Finally, THE DAY arrived, and it was time to go on a vacation as the last occasion being the 31st December 2014 - My trip to Mcleodganj with office mates. 11 long months passed since then and I had waited for this trip for long. The entire journey fascinated me not because it was my HONEYMOON, but of the fact, that once again I got the chance to leave my footprints on a different land and create memories for the lifetime with my FRIEND-turned-PARTNER.

As the new bride, I had adorned a red chiffon saree, but to my amazement people out there at the airport were bewildered at the sight. While a few strangers smiled and complimented, others just saw in awe and still others thought that I had come from a different planet altogether. Wearing a saree is a crime? I believe that it's embedded in our tradition.We have seen our Mum wearing it, the leading ladies of the yesteryears wore it with poise, and even the flight attendant of our National Carrier Air India used to don a saree once.

Now back to OUR journey! We both settle down, and our laughter riot began. There was this feature in Sachin's mobile which predicts the age while clicking the photograph. That resulted in our laughter cries. We did not realize when the clock struck 0230 hours, and we started boarding in. It was a 2-hour 50-minute flight with a stop-over of about 50 minutes at the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport.

Post the stop-over; we were greeted with the morning light! What a sunrise it was! We tried to capture all the possible phases of it from our window screens, and it was lovely. The sun started peeping out behind the clouds and the moon hiding behind the ole buttermilk sky. The entire Himmel was covered in the red-orange colored blanket! What a sight it was! Check out some of the snaps of the same -

We flew over the long-drawn stretched green-blue islands, and the crystal clear water appeared as a globe. This pristine water of the Bay Of Bengal took my heart away. I've been to the beach side once when I was like eight years old. Papa always had the passion for traveling, and same is with me (It's the 'Genetic Problem You Know'... lol). So, then we've covered almost entire South India. Since I was way too young, I had very faint memories of that trip.

The plane landed, and we disembarked at the Veer Savarkar International Airport, and the best part was that it started drizzling. What a WELCOME at the new destination. Both Lord Indra and US were euphoric.

True, traveling really gives you some breathtaking moments of your life and those who DO NOT travel, read just one page of their lives. So, travel and explore how beautiful the world is!

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