Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Scuba Diving: An Experience Worth Reminiscing & Sharing

There comes a time in everyone 's life when clouds of disappointments and doubts reign over your head. The same thing happened to me in Havelock,  the scuba diving destination. (Yes! You got that right. It has to do with Scuba diving).

To dive a few feet below the surface of the water,  the weather conditions should be ideal and high tides are an absolute NO. In my case,  when I reached the spot at the Barefoot Scuba,  the guy at the center informed that the conditions weren't ripe for dive. All my hopes were shattered in a flash of a second. It wasn't about the money at all. But, about the lost opportunity which I could experience only here (at least in India). The other popular scuba diving destinations are Australia of course with its shrinking Great Barrier Reef, Maldives, and Seychelles to name a few.

So,  after waiting for about an hour or so, he finally gave the costumes to change and the thought of diving reflected  in my eyes. At that moment, I was going through a gamut of emotions ranging from eagerness, enthusiasm, nervousness and last but not the least -  the shark attack. Yes! Even this thought did came to my mind because as a child,  I had seen the monstrous shark's Deep Blue Sea. Well, don't worry! I didn't mean to scare you because they don't take the beginners in such deep crevices of the water.  Since imagination knows no bounds,  this thought occurred in my head.

So,  we had a 45 minutes training session before going into the crystal clear warm waters of the Bay of Bengal. The instructor tells you about controlled breathing and the important signs to communicate with him under the water. Since  you will be tied to an oxygen mask cylinder, there is no other way to communicate than with signs.

After successfully learning all that,  he took some photographs for cherishing and then I was set free (not in the true sense because a trainer comes with you. So it is 100% safe and nothing to worry about your life) to experience the magical world beneath. Nature is bounty with such amazing flora and fauna that it is hard to believe and sometimes you feel like as if you are in heaven. It was truly once in a lifetime and an unforgettable experience to witness such a colorful and wealthy underwater marine life . Happiness comes in several forms and this was one for me.

In between the dive, another team member comes and ask us to pose so that you have something to remember and take back home the good memories of it. Finally, after half an hour, the session comes to an end and it is time to leave the place but not without a smile and a satiating  feeling.

The front desk operator, a foreigner handed over the video and photographs that were taken under water along with a certificate of completion.

The time came when we were to move to our next location, i.e., Kalapatthar Beach. Well, I had two options that time. Either to visit elephant beach or the Kalapatthar one and I chose the latter because my mother in law were all praises about this particular beach. On the way, I asked my Driver Ashish, why is it named so and what constitutes the black water in the middle of the all-green sea blue beach? Well,  he told me like the beach is aptly named because it has black stones and when the sun rays shone over them, it reflects black color, hence you see that color. And everything was clear after that.
I researched on the same after coming back and the black color was due to the black rocky limestone formation which juts out from the land towards the sea.

When we reached in the afternoon, It was practically empty (just what I wanted as I despise crowd and I avoid crowded places) with a few foreigners around tanning in the sun. We had plenty of US time to spend there. We loitered around and walked barefoot on the beach together holding hands and writing on the Sand gave us sheer delight.

After spending good 3 hours, we decided to retire to our hotel room and just chat. So,  after a hearty session of meaningful talks, we decided to take a stroll around the resort which had a private beach within its premises. Our resort had one beautiful thing which was its location. It was in the middle of the jungle and it gave me goosebumps at the thought of meeting a wild animal.

After making a way, we saw the sun setting in the horizon where sun and sea meets.  It was a truly incredible sight to behold. With no cell phones or cameras that one moment was precious and we were glad we did not take these things with us and just watched as the sun hid behind the clouds.

After half an hour or so, the weather changed and it started thundering so hard. Man, I got scared!  We were alone on the beach and had not a single soul. I recalled Bear Grylls' survivor stories. The beach was a 15-minutes walk from our room and we rushed from the place immediately. En-route, we lost our path a few times, but finally managed to reach the right spot - in front of the room.

We decided to rush to the nearest restaurant for dinner because our resort had no great vegetarian food and specialty was obviously sea food. So,  we walked and headed straight to the nearest restaurant and had amazing delicacies. Only the pizza was pathetic. Rest everything was edible.

On OUR return, It started raining and we were alone on the Road - Walking slowly and enjoying the feeling of getting drenched in the first shower together. That was another undefined feeling.

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