Thursday, 1 September 2016

Delhi Now & Then!

Delhi, my home city will always hold a special place in my heart.. After all, I have spent 25 incredible years of my LIFE.. I have lived and relived my adolescence, teenage, youth and adulthood in nook and corner of the National capital region.. From a loner to sociabee, I’ve enliven every single phase in this fast paced lively lovely city.

Now, I ve moved my base to Gandhinagar (again the capital city), but life here is entirely different. In fact, its so peaceful and Calm out here and I'm really Loving this slow place in the city. After running in search of life, It is here I've found the inner peace.

Who wouldn't like to dance in the rain as it pours down incessantly? Being a pluviophile, rains have always created an enormous impact on my mind.. Life (read nature) wasn't like this in Delhi. In fact, we all have witnessed incessant rains here a decade ago .. Remember The time when we used to return from school fully drenched with socks and shoes filled with water to the brim.. The shower there after and ginger tea by mumma used to be a treat. . Those were the days..

The peacock here comes in the backyard and I can well spot him from my balcony.. The level of my happiness knows no bounds at the sight. I imagine and see different colored birds whose little chirps I've started recognizing .. There used to be a time when peacocks and birds used to come at my house' rooftop. But, today with places shrinking even for humans where will these peacocks stay? Those were the days...

Star gazing was one such activity which as a child I used to do so often because the middle strata of society owned no Air conditioning unit. Back then, They were not popular in households as they are now.. The Z generation kids will never know how to survive without ACs, Cars or cell phones because they get everything so early in life.. As a kid, me and my sister used to sleep on the terrace with Maa paa.. I barely used to realize how soon I slip into my deep slumber just by watching at the star-studded sky and MOON just around the corner .. But, then this was again a decade ago.. Imagine the situation now.. you could hardly spot a Star or two in world's most polluted city .. Imagine its August but temperature refuses to low down. Those were the days...

This time it was just a short stint to Delhi, but I started feeling nostalgic for Gandhinagar- The weather, the birds, the stars and everything else around. I am hopeful , they too are waiting for me as impatiently as I am for them..
Untill next time.

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