Monday, 7 November 2016

A Tale Of A Journey BACK HOME!

Time and again, a pang of nostalgia come rushing in the temporal lobe of my brain and takes me back in those same old bylanes. The hard I try to move forward in this journey called LIFE, there is something that takes me back to my native place. 

Recently, I paid a brief visit to the place which was once MY HOME. Upon entering the main gate, a gamut of emotions ran through my veins which ripped me apart emotionally though I was physically STILL STRONG.

The sofa which once used to be my daytime bed on weekends while watching movies and soaps on television was delighted to see me. Although, he was shying away from me and covered itself beneath a veil of a soft sheet, but was curious to know how I was. On opening my personal drawer which nobody touched in the year gone by still had kept safe some of the most cherishable memories of the yesteryears even today.

As I proceeded forward, walking across the gallery, I first stepped into the kitchen -  a place which I used to despise the most then and even now. But that day,  a tear fell off from my eye. It wasn't like the last time I saw it when I departed my home to enter into a new one. But today, it was different.

Moving forward, I straight away reached to my room and man! That was a moment of outburst. There were so many things that I had created myself in this room and had pasted in on the walls,  doors  and other places. Moments of Kani n me fighting came back with a lightening speed. 

Sleeping next to her, hugging her tight after watching a horror movie was the first thing that the box of memory brought in. Seriously Kani, post your marriage, I have stopped watching horror movies.

The late night ballet dancing sessions and gossiping with Mannu Bhai and Prerna when they came over and Maggi with coffee at midnight were one of the few moments that came back to me rushing. But, ultimately, I was greeted by the empty walls that tell a story of how lonely they had been all this time. 

After a brief moment, I checked into Papa 's room and faint memories of Maa caressing me came in. Her image of sitting by the bedside and calling me was the first and last thing I would love to recall.

I miss her truly sometimes desperately. Sometimes,  I crave for a little hug or the famously known jaadu ki jhappi. The way she pampered both of us with care, I don't know but I cannot recall how it sounded when she called out my name "Mani". 

That time,  she was my best friend. She had known everything and anything all about my friends, studies, my life. Suddenly, things changed so quickly post May 2004 and we soon turned into adults. 

Almost a decade and a half I had spent at this place which I once used to call MY ROOM and in a moments time, you just have to leave everything and go away to make a new home... rainfall of salt water 

P.S. : Couldn't think of another ending! 

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