Tuesday, 3 January 2017

An Eye For My Love

New Year ringed in and I started with the second novel of the year (first being The Small House at Allington by Anthony Trollope) - An Eye for My Love by Vibhor Tikiya. 

The story starts with an intense sequence and moves on to the flashback to take you to the plush restaurants of Morocco, ancient Mummies of Egypt and exotic lanes of Paris where the protagonist Dhruv meets his lady love, Aisha. Being a travel aficionado, I liked how the author has described these countries. Rabat has an amazing feel to it. Roadside cafes and a number of Moroccan restaurants offering traditional Moroccan cuisine, it is home to the political who's who of the country and the city is full of political office........the primary language spoken was French....they hardly knew any English. 

The charm of Paris was in the smaller details: the quaint cobblestone streets, prettily trimmed trees, perfectly puffed pastries, dainty tea salons and much more.........The city was buzzing, roads were clean and the bars were full of merriment. 

The emotions of a father, of a mother and of a lover are lucidly described in this novel. The best part of the novel is the opening conversation with the protagonist's Mom (which is no more but still her teachings are still alive in his memory). Here, I would like to quote one of the paragraphs that really touched me emotionally. It goes on to say, "The favorite place in the world used to be my mother's lap. I would love lying in it and she would caress my hair. She would always tell me how good she wants my life to be. She was so full of life and hope. If I had to choose one place to go back to, I would go to her. I don't want to be anywhere else. I just want to lie in her lap once again. My mother was m life and she took away a huge part of me when she left this world."

This is basically the story of Love Found and Lost and the travails of how a vagabond, when fell in love, changed completely. References to Che Guevara, the Cuban revolutionary will not be understood by the reader initially, but as the story progresses, you will come to know why was it done at the first place. 

The story then talks about the evil and notorious men present in our society. The dastard act of rape has boggled many heads and this story will take you on one such roller coaster ride. 

Are you ready for it?   

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