Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The Cat Fights

As I peeped out of my balcony today, I saw two girls playing badminton.
They reminded me of my teenage days when I used to play the game with my sister
It was soo funny the way we used to end the game abruptly for not picking up the shuttlecock (Am I serious? Yes! It used to be a fact then :P
How we had a knack for deciding and fighting over identifying the "palas", where the cock fell. And the subtle game of racquet soon turns into arguments and counter-arguments...
Gawd I miss that phase! I miss playing that game with you Kanika Mittal
I wish I could capture that moment to relive it again. But, mobile phones and digital cameras were not in vogue (Thank God! Else, we wouldn't have cherished the memories of that game today)
Hopefully, that time will come soon when we both will have racquet in our hands and this time, without fighting for picking up the shuttlecock :P :P
Feeling nostalgic... Missing You!

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