Tuesday, 2 May 2017

When You Crave for the Good Ol' Sibling Love!!

A year is about to come to an end since I departed miles away from my family. In these 340 days, I had missed my home city only twice. One for the first time as I was leaving to start the new journey with my husband and the second time, it was about last night.

The pain of separation from your family especially sibling grips you completely. How soon time flies, I realized just a day back. 25 years have passed since we know each other. From being biggest enemies to best buddies, our relationship has grown tremendously and has seen quite ups and downs. There used to be a time when incessant cat fights and those back-biting to mom gave us the ultimate solace. Staying away from each other was the only means which gave us sheer delight then. But it was way-way back.
Then came a time when the sibling enmity soon turned to love and none of us really realized when and how did it happen. And even after marriage we still fight. YES! those same old cat fights. But the nature of the cat fights has changed to being more concerned and considerate.
This Diwali after so many years we finally got time to ourselves - just the two of us were there. Roaming on the streets, for getting what we most loved to do - shop. No husbands, no kids just the two of us. That was liberating and she again pampered me with things like clothes, street food and her love and attention. This time, I was so touched. Each time she did these things for me but I don't know what difference it made this time. I don't know whether I was missing Mumma or if it was the fever that I had contracted and she prepared a freshly brewed coffee for me at 0200 AM. Or it was the silent promise to say I'll be with you forever no matter what. But whatever it was. The feeling is just unexplainable.
As I reached the railway station, a bucket full of tears started flowing from the eyes. A year back, my sister came to drop me and I was standing at the same spot. This time, I really didn't wish to leave Delhi despite so many shortcomings this city has. The travel instinct in me wished to stay here and here forever.
As I was leaving her, In the last 340 days, probably this was the longest and tightest hug that I gave her. I was crying for her company like a baby. I was missing her.. Missing my family. True, kids, husbands, work and other priorities have taken over, but some things I just wish and pray never change.
I love you to the core Kanika 😘😘😘

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