Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Purani Jeans!!

As I was going to bid Adieu to Sachin, I crossed my college, Satya Niketan, Dhaula Kuan, and Gurgaon. And in that flicker of the moment, the radio started playing YJHD and RDB songs.. Oh Gawd! a teary eyed me was becoming inconsolable. I told him about our UNO sessions at Taj CcD, paranthas at Tankush , and a gang that was 'once' simply amazing. Everyone has moved on in life but yesterday that gang remained at the college Gate and I was again 10 years behind..

On my way back, I passed by CP, memories came flashing by.... After all, 6 long years have been spent here.. All the Things that I have done were coming across like a Cool breeze..
Time and again, stills of happy times reverberated like an echo.

Long walks to Bengali Market or Mandi House or India Gate from MMB, unlimited coffee sessions, DTC buses particularly RL-77 and 729 and our journey from Dhaula kuan to The Park, Street shopping at Janpath, dosa point at jantar mantar, bangla sahib, ymca, National Museum, the treasure trove of India, central Park in the evening, American Library, Rau's IAS Study Circle, Barakhamba and Rajiv Chowk Metro Station, favorite hangout joints, and endless photographs.

Sometimes a simple journey can take you down the memory lane as if you are actually there reliving each moment. All the times and places that I once used to frequent with my friends were there in front of my eyes and I just want to hold on to that time, place, and that FEELING... 😍😍😍

Goodbye Delhi.. Until next time... Don't know when we'll meet next?!

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