Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Jobs Fill Pockets! Adventures Complete SOUL!

It's been a long long time and I haven't written anything. Several months have passed since my last blog and here I am finally, today, to lend words to my thoughts.

Since I've been longing to go on a long vacay and pursue activities that get my heart racing I thought to reminisce my ADVENTURES IN GOA. Here, I'll particularly mention about the 2nd day of my 5-day tour.

So the experience that I am about to narrate began with an impromptu plan. Sachin and I just had lunch at the Chinese Corner (as we were fed up with the seafood smell and we found this something basic and him being the Chinese cuisine fan, so....) and were basking in the sunshine at the Calangute Beach. I saw people doing all sorts of water sports activities.

On observing my intentions, Sachin sensed what I was looking at and he gauged that I was dying to do that parasailing with a dip in the Arabian Sea. (Oh! He's too good in this art of reading my mind). He right away asked, "Karni hai ye activities?" (You want to do these activities). I nodded in excitement and there he was searching for a fine and reliable service provider online. Well, soon we found one - ATLANTIS WATERSPORTS. Without losing a second, Sachin spoke to the concerned person and booked the tour for me.

In 10 minutes, a guy named Venky met us and in another 15 minutes, our activities started. Well, I went with the family of 5 (2 couples and a mother). They first drove us all the 6 members on a speedboat and then boarded us in another ship which was docked at somewhere in the middle of the Arabian Sea. Oh, those calm waters!

After riding for a while on that bigger boat, the guy started the parasailing. He sent me amongst the ladies first as I wore up the college days' mask upon my sleeve (I used to be the first one then whenever it came to doing something adventurous). Oh, that was one heaven of an experience. I can still feel those vibrations that my heart went to as I was going up and up and up in the air and setting my body free..... I wouldn't say that I wasn't nervous, but after a while, everything gets calmed. Just a cool breeze passes through your body and your body relax. After gradually sinking me down, he dipped my body thrice or 4 times in the gushing waters of the gigantic sea. Oh, my heart sank for a second, but good heavens! What kind of an experience was that! Outstanding!

Then all the members of the ship did that activity. Suddenly, I got to see the Life of Pi moment. There were birds and fish moving hither and thither all around over the water body. Oh! It was not in such huge numbers, but we saw them moving this and that side. That scene made my day complete! I felt it unreal and my eyes just couldn't believe it, but they had too.

Source: Life of Pi 

Finally, we came back ashore and the sun was in a hurry to settle down and I was still left with 3 major rides viz. bumper ride, jet ski, and the banana ride. So they started arranging it in a jiffy. Since they had collected money from us, they needed to complete somehow before the sun sets as the tidal waves will have no mercy on us post that. 

So, I did bumper ride and it wasn't much fun, but okay, I had an experience at least. 

Then came the jet ski where I rode the scooter myself :P (though the instructor was behind, I had the controls). That was one Dil Chahata Hai moment. The gushing waves were coming over and I rode quite bumpy. This was more of a bumpy ride rather than I had on that Bumper ride. 

Then the last one was the Banana ride. The sun almost came to the horizon and was about to settle down and it was becoming difficult to manage the gushing high tidal waves. While he tried to make us sit on that banana boat, we fell thrice near the shore and things were becoming difficult. But, on one fine moment, we did manage to set into the middle of the deep blue ocean and fell there itself upon our return. Well, I had experienced before when I did the River Rafting in Rishikesh, so I had an idea how to go about things and these waters were still calmer than the roaring Ganges. Each one of us successfully came to the shore and started discussing what just happened. That was hilarious! 

Upon return, Venky, the coordinator informed, how worried Sachin was as soon as the boat turned upside down in the midst. He ended by saying, "Your man is truly a gem". I replied, "I KNOW!" 

Happy US! 

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