Monday, 4 December 2017

Full Moon & Fascination

Full moon has always fascinated me since I was a little girl. Even today, I couldn't recall what was it that draws me towards it, but, the full moon definitely grabbed my attention like no other. 

Earlier, there was no tradition of living in closed houses like Apartments these days. I used to live in an open house that had proper ventilation and good light. It was not less than a bungalow. It was a three-storied house and air conditioners were not so prominent yet. (Thank God!). I along with my other family members, used to sleep at the rooftop (guess it was common then). The cool breeze at night used to give us a respite from the scorching sun during the day. 

As a child, I used to by all by myself and wasn't close enough even with my sister then. You can say I was a LONER who enjoyed her own company (....and this is true till date, it's just that the former relationship with my sister had grown and bonded well eventually). So I used to stargaze and slowly doze off to deep slumber after watching the wide open sky. 

Travelling to Nanaji's house was mandatory in summer vacations and that used to bring delight since that was the only long distance travel that I used to do then. We had to cover the distance via train. So whenever we used to travel, I always preferred the window seat. I love watching how moon travels with me as the rail snakes down the tracks, so does the moon.... (Oh! What a feeling that used to be)..

As I grew older and older, I didn't realize when did that stargazing turned into an addiction. A wise man once said, "The night is for the dreamers, lovers, and writers". And I just couldn't agree more with this anonymous person. 

I had seen several full moons, but never saw the sheen that it had last night. To capture this in one word, I would say it to be SURREAL. This moon in the midst of the clouds and hiding behind the branch of the overarching tree is just to die for. And with Sachin by my side, it was a scene to reminisce. (He somehow don't get it why I get so excited about sunrises, sunsets, and full moons :P)

I read that it was the closest to earth (perigee) last night and the next supermoon can be witnessed on January 1, 2018 (that's not afar). So those of you have missed this beauty, keep the tab on the coming full moon night to witness and appreciate the moon's beauty that'll shine with all his might. 

This supermoon has swayed and slayed me a thousand times over...

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